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When You Come On Grass city NOT HIGH

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. 3/4s of the posts really make no sense... Lol its a buetiful thing
  2. oh no they dont!! like check this out!!:
    i was walking down the street looking for some monkeys and this dude came up to me and said "im asian!" and i was all "ok dude, hook me up with a monkey!" and he was "CHAMAMANGANOONGA!!!!!" and i just lit up a J and smoked it right there, GET IT?! ENJOY!!
  3. I get it. you asked the asian guy for a monkey and he turned into one. And you lit a joint to celebrate.:)
  4. spank my ass and call me nancy, i guess it did make sense. good job!
  5. lol critter lucky basterd :)

    im not stoned atm :(
  6. actually, for about 80% of my posts, I'm's hard to smoke in my basement and get away with mom's bedroom is down here too :p
  7. i'm sober a lot of the time lately.

    anyone else got this same problem where you're too lazy to get a job and still live with your mum.. fair enough most people my age live with their mum. but anyways, with the job, and i'm lazy, so i have no money and i can't get weed often :(

    but for some reason £90 appeared in my account yesterday!!! *yahoo*
  8. Most of the time im here im stoned outta my mind lol
  9. it's rare when i come here stoned now... i used to back before i could get away with burning all the time.

    i need to save my money for college anywayz, LOL.
  10. the past month or so I haven't really been smokin to much

    because of my drug tests but, other than that im usually

    always blazzed when I come to

  11. these been some dry, dry days. :( cant remember last time i was stoned in here... i think i make more sence stoned...

    if blue wanted to poo, then he should have asked u. the asian didnt know so teh monkey said "hojo". thit confizzed mi fir ilil while, bot thon oy desided cheese is the enswer. sence makes matter no does that it...?
  12. i will definately check into that one aftera while when im buzzin, for me. ive become a midnight tokker. seems this is the new hangout for a bunch of my sons friends, it keeps im off the speedtrack we have in our country neighborhood. i try to be as cool as i can and not embarass my boy, but nope im not going to let him all over the roads, so here they stay. if its not them its non smoking acquiantinces just droppin neighbors aint helpin much either, there goes suntanning...sooo after the kiddies are all tucked in then i get to have a nice smoke, or two depending on whose it is,lol
    sooooo i guess the majority of the time im here im smoke free, that is if you dont count the thc buildup :D
  13. I'm reading these posts now and I can understand every single one of them. I've read them normal before though, and they really don't make any sense. That's cool though, I wouldn't have it any other way.

  14. haha..... i know! its so funny to see when someones high... their post;s make no sense...its hilarious!
  15. I'm always stoned when I do everything ;)
  16. It's not luck, it's skeel ;)

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