When will your child obtain their first job?

Discussion in 'General' started by AsthmaticStoner, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. I was thinking when I started working. My mother didn't want me to get a job when I did and that I should enjoy the time I have as a kid before I turned 18. And now looking back, I'm glad I ignored her. I would have lost out in so much cash.

    I started when I was 17. And still at the same job 4 years later now that I'm 22. I know some parents make their kids start working at a young age and couldn't imagine living like that. I'm sure it builds a better character in the long run.

    the job can be anything. From working on a farm with parents, to serving at a restaurant, to paper boy, anything. Lets see what you blades think!
  2. I had my first job at 17 as well... 5 jobs later and 20, I wish I took more time to think about what I really wanted to do...

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  3. How should I know?

    I see no reason to force a job on my future children. Let them decide if its what they want or not
  4. I picked 16 because that's how old I was. I'm not sure when my child will get there first job though, as I unfortunately can't tell the future.
    my dad owned a plumbing and contracting company; my mom owned a bakery. I was put to work as soon as I was able to talk. 25 years later and I'm still helping around at the bakery.
    I hated working at the bakery, but I had fun working plumbing and construction with my dad. being able to play around with his power tools were always the highlight of working with my dad, especially when I got to handle the jackhammer and tear down walls with a sledgehammer. 
    i'd say it contributed to my curiosity in tearing things down and putting it back together again.
  6. as early as they want, but if they don't have one by 16 i'll get them one myself.
  7. meh i don't want kids but i would say 16 if the typical teenage job isn't overtaken by robots by then

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