When Will She Butt? Lol

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    20170706_102752.jpg 20170706_102838.jpg 20170706_102858.jpg Hi this is my first grow ever with "green" though I've always had a green thumb. My Eve is 2 months old, grown on a patio with sunlight, constant fan, a little coffee grounds.....sugar, spice, everything nice,chemical X ect... My question is judging from the growth how long before maturity? I also tipped her a week and a half ago she almost doubled in size since then. Please and thanks.
  2. as soon as it get less then 14 hours of light .
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  3. You don't want that plant to bud, it's too spindly. Yield will be minimal at best, worst case snap the plant in half. Has this been a windowsill grow?
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  4. This is why you shouldnt grow out of a window sill. You see the internode spacing. That is bad and your stems will fall over as soon as they start putting on weight from the buds. Get to super cropping and a better light before even hesitating to flower
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  5. Yeah it's a windowsill grow that's all I could manage for now. I have 5 others like her she's just the first.Thanks for the advice I'll get on it!
  6. This is more so practice I'm thinking of changing my major to agriculture and minor in business, so I could have my own farm someday with wabbits and all George lol
  7. Watch your back...
  8. Lol don't remember a time in life when I didn't have to...

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