when will it end???

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  1. I have been fucking head over heels in love with this girl for a long ass time. and now were in different colleges and she told me she wanted to do her own thing. not long after that she got a new bf. A normal person would move on, but it seems like forever and I still think about her every 5 seconds. Like...this sucks.

    I have dated other girls and if they dump me or visa versa I am fine after a week at most. But this girl...like the amount of time I have spent thinking about her and how shes with someone else is awful. Can someone with experience in a situation such as this please tell me when it will end? I just wanna not think about her anymore. I wanna forget her, but i cant
  2. buddy u need to get laid something serious..why pine for someone who is obviously not thinking about you. ( not trying to sound harsh)..honestly though, unless the broad has the golden snatch, which I doubt, find a rebound! Time heals all wounds.
  3. Yea, what he said

  4. easier said then done =/ my lucks been shit. and I know its no competition, but it sucks knowing shes happy with someone else and i am having a shitty time finding someone.
  5. "fuck it" is a good motto for life and it applies to every situation especially this one
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    Maybe you should stop looking for someone, forget about her and try to enjoy the ride for awhile and see how that works
  7. Well dude it just takes time, after my last long relationship (two years) it took months to finally not care. That and my ex became like the exact opposite personality than when we met.

    try thinkin, at least you felt and u do feel, which makes u a good guy and eventually someone will want that
  8. If she is not in to you, then what's the point? So she can drag it on and fuck other people anyway. I know it sucks, but just fuck some other people and wait for the girl/guy who is truly in to you and loves you for who you are.

    Until then, FUCK as much as possible.

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