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When will it arrive?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by JRilla, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. I ordered a bong from thyis site the 4th of Feb, and it hasnt arrived yet. I didnt use UPS shipping, just regular. Under Order Tracking, it says shipped, bur when I click on the Order ID, it said requested item could not befound..

    Anyone have an idea of when it should arrive?

    Im in New York btw.

  2. I order a spoon from GC with the standard shipping and I sent cash so it took almost 3 weeks to get here. Also i didn't get an email confirmation that it was shipped until the day i actually got it.
  3. my pipe took about 2 weeks to get here
  4. when you recieve it whats it packaged would my parents be able to tell what it was if i were to order something?

  5. you should be fine... my order came in 2 seperate packages...

    one was a brown envelope and the only thing it had on the outside was my address and a customs sticker that had 'SJ' scribbled on it and a signature. that package was shipped from Europe.

    the other package was shipped from Oregon and it just had a bunch of USPS tape on it, my address and a return address (but i don't remember wut that said exactly). i wasn't home when they tried to deliver this package (had to sign for it) so i ended up having to go to the post office to pick it up. if you don't have ur own car, get a friend who does to take you, cuz ur parents might ask you wut it is ur picking up if they have to take you.

    read my thread here for my signature theory...

  6. okay good, that makes it alot easier for me to order now, thanx
  7. Baddest piece I ever owned came from the city.

    Colorchanging bubbler.

    Easy to use, easier to clean.
    The smoke goes down, literally puffs up on the inside of the bowlhead then flows smoothly out of the water for one excellently smooth hit, even if you're smoking harsh buds.
    It's an excellent piece for personal use, I'd most likely never let another person use it.

    Trust me, the glass is worth the wait. I'm sure many others will agree.
  8. well, i ordered 3 ccg spoons. one for me, one for my sister and one for her friend... the ones my sister and friend got looked cool and my sis said they hit nice, mine however was the ugliest POS ever. its brown, looks like a big hunk of poop, has a lump on the side, the hole in the mouthpiece is HUGE. it hits ok tho, and i guess thats all that really matters. i call it the Ugly Duckling.

  9. yeah, mines this custom made fucked up small ass sherlock. didn't get it from here though. its so ugly cept for under the bowl (looks like a blue galaxy) but it hits SOOOO well. everyone who's used it tells me that its on of the best things they've used. small ass bowl though. but great for one person. barley gets round the circle if there's 4 or more people though.

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