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when will a plant start to smell like cannabis?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by dcoully123, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. how long growing will a plant start to make cannabis odours?:confused:
  2. The WW seedlings that i'm doing right now take about a month and a half till two months before they show sex, and at that point they start to smell.

    Different strains will stink more than others. In my opinion white widow is one of the stinkier strains.
  3. to a nose thats knows :)
    you can tell the distinctive foliage smell quite early into veg... quite easily...
  4. Yea whenever THC is created, trichrome heads are responsible for the "dank" odor--so when it starts to show sex and when you move into flowering is when the odors get pungent. However, depending on your ventilation, air circulation, and odor control... You may have major or minor smell problems.
  5. it will smell like weed once you plant it. just caress a couple leaves with your hand and you will notice the smell on your hands after. before flowering though it shouldn't be too bad, but once it starts to flower it really stanks.
  6. mine do already fairly strong@ 3 weeks
  7. Yup, anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months, depends on strain and setup.
  8. Usually in the second week of flowering does it really get that stinky weed aroma, and by week 4 it will leak into the surrounding rooms unless you have a good vent system. That's probably how my neighbor found my shit, now that I think about it. That and the massive amount of soil he saw me with.:D Remember, the perfect grow room has no inside/outside vents, just chillers, but it is airtight from surrounding rooms in the house. Those vents will leak the cheeba smell wherever they're pointed.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, i tried rubbing my finger on the leaves there is some sort of a weed smell not completely but theres a little bit and it's only like 2 weeks veg thanks anyway guys for the feedback.
  10. [​IMG]
    i'm hungry :hello:

  11. Terpenes are responsible for the cannabis smell, THC by itself is odorless.
  12. my zero gravity started smelling about 14 days after i planted it :) But my other ones dont smell yet, like others said; its strain specific.
  13. hi totally new here as well in growing, so Im planing to grow a single plant in a container about 26" tall my question is, does the smell of a single plant can cause trouble?? I mean how much can it be??
  14. Definitely depends on strain. My cousin had an outdoor plant that was skunky as hell 1 month after planting it, meanwhile, I had 4 plants indoor in late flower and it wasn't even close. Of course I have some ventilation but no carbon filter. I was also growing some fruity strains: pineapple chunk, vanilla kush.
  15. Fruity strains i found arnt too bad but it varies, Any skunk variety from my exerience is deffenitly not something to grow in an appt , momma house , or close neighborhood.
  16. My 3 (all afghan) are only 3 weeks in and they are quite pungent smelling.
    I'll really be in for it later :)

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