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when weed expire or maybe seem to lose dankness?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PezzPurpp, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I'm not new to smoking but I've never held onto weed for a long time ,

    but i'm about to get about a quarter that i'll be holding onto for maybe about 2 months without touching any of it...

    so i just wanted to make forsure forsure that nothin about it will go wrong thru this period of time... whether its mold or just the smell weakening or whatever

    and i dont have a mason jar but i should be able to find some type of air tight jar to keep it in

  2. It might lose some of its potency. But that's pretty much it, I think.
  3. put that shit in the freezer itl stay fresh as ever
  4. yea tru i guess that was the main concern i was looking for lol thanks

    hah ehh id have to hear that suggestion from a few people to believe it...

    i could believe it but i wouldnt feel good with my herb being frozen in the freezer for a couple months...

    and then it will get wet when i take it out
  5. well if your gonna put it into the freezer, put it into a mason jar, but either way, if you keep it sealed in a mason jar, it won't lose much potency
  6. bud properly sealed in a mason jar will really never go bad on you unless your looking to set a record for how long you can hold a bag of weed without smoking it. Once the buds have been removed from the living plant, a 365 day timer goes off for those cannabinoids. After a year, the thc is completely degraded into non psychoactive cannabinoids and ya wont get high.
  7. alright danks for tha info
  8. It's not going to lose any potency in a couple of months if stored in a properly sized jar and kept in a relatively cool, dark place.
  9. Quick Question.... Why get a quarter now if you dont need for 2 months? :p
  10. Freezer is good :)
  11. Freezer is bad unless you vaccum seal it and need to keep it for years. Freezing can damage the trichomes and cause quality to suffer somewhat.
  12. Possible drug test situation where he won't be able to smoke now. Or maybe it's a good strain that doesn't come thru often or weed is hard to come by around him so he wants to secure it now while he can. I've bulked up on weed when I had a sketchy dealer who rarely came through, it's not a bad idea, less trips to the dealer equals less chance to get caught.
  13. #13 g00dkUsh2, Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 25, 2010

    id listen this this guy.

    edit: hey osg, this is kinda off topic lmao. but have you ever smoked a blunt? or tried one? i was just wondering because ive seen you say some things about blunts. i was just wondering if you had ever tried one.
  14. I somewhat agree. Freezing in an air tight container is good if you want to save bud for long periods of time but the thing is that alot of people like to check on thier bud daily and when they remove their bud from the freezer or fridge it draws moisture inside the container thereby having a negative effect.

    Freezing is good but you gotta leave your bud in their until your ready to smoke up. Otherwise just leave it in a cool dry place.
  15. ^^^^^^^^ that dude has my profile
  16. I was wondering the same thing... I'm getting an oz today when i normally get an eighth... this will last me FOREVER!!! or until i build up a tolerance haha
  17. If you dont have an airtight jar, go out and buy one
  18. see fpn's reply below.. :wave:

    yeah exactly im goin to orlando to get some real dank and i cant smoke it tho for awhile so i need it to last... and i figured id just go ahead and get that outta the way cause my dealers in atl have been coming and going

    hah yeah im sure you'll manage but thats good that you have a low tolerance it will seem to last forever

    yeah i have a clear jar with a lock and the rubber sealing around the top i think it will work fine

  19. I concur with this, the only way I would stick my nugs in a freezer is if they were in a glass jar - (Bad thing about bags is the trichomes are "frozen" to the bag and when you open the bag and take out your nugs it rips those right off and you loose potency) Thats also why you don't want to keep your nugs in the classic plastic bag they come in. Glass is your best friend. If you put it in a glass jar (any sealable jar will do - baby food, spaghetti sauce, mason, headshop glass containers etc..) but if you have a basement you can keep dark or a dark cupboard that would probably be best - I would also date it, just in case you forget exactly HOW old it really is.

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