When we die...

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  1. So when we die do we ever get to live again do we ever enter a new body? I know nothing happens ... Lol but what happens will we ever get to see again?

    or are we in a subconscious world where we enter a new body and life and start again and again. Different worlds different times nobody's the same not even the history idk what the fuck I'm saying I'm blazed as fuck and some other shit

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  2. I believe we live again. I'm not sure whether that's in a new body or in the same world or what, but as long as life goes on everything's good. :smoking:
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  3. what if the light we go towards when dying, is us being born again?
    somebody told me that before, thought it was quite cool.
    but in my opinion, fuck all happens. we cease to exist, no afterlife, no dream like state. just dead
  4. I hope so. So long as it's not some purgatory style bs whatever comes next is cool with me
  5. [SUB]Energy. [/SUB]
    [SUB]Energy cannot be destroyed or created. It just "is". [/SUB]
    [SUB]Now because you and I are a part of the whole and the whole is a part of us, when we return to the great beyond from which we all came we leave the physical existence here and our energy moves back to the Source. The source is all there is and all there ever will be, which is also exactly what you & I are. Because you are able to experience this moment right here and now means that you are an eternal being. You have Life. You hold within you the cosmic creative energies of the universe. In other words, you are the universe. You cannot die.[/SUB]
    [SUB]Death is merely an absence of energy from the physical universe. Death is but a dream you will not remember. Just like your birth onto this planet, what happened before that? It is irrelevant. You will never know, just like how you will never know you've experienced death. It is because you are energy, the universe, the whole, all that there is and all that there ever will be. [/SUB]
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  6. I agree somewhat except that imo death isn't a physical absence of energy....its a redistribution of matter. You were once a complex system of parts that will decay and eventually through the natural recycling of matter "be reborn". You may not take a memory with you, but eventually the chemical constituents of your body will be recreated into life.

    Even when youre alive this is constantly happening as new cells form and die, so whos to say what life really is? You are basically an entirely new person every ten years or so but you never dieed, your form changed.

    I figure death will be the absense of experience as you will no longer be able to take on and process the world around you
  7. I've never died yet. Sorry, can't help you.
  8. would you really want to go through life again?
    what a hassle.
  9. When you die your conciousness will be freed of physical form. You will then be free to travel space and time and see whatever you want for as long as you want. After you tire of this...whether it takes a thousand or a billion years you will choose to return to your true energy form. From there you will choose what life you want to live next and your consciousness will be transfered to that form.
  10. This is pretty much what I tell people when discussing this type of stuff. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly.

  11. I believe once we die, our spiritual body finds a new physical body and is born into the world. 

    That is the most simple form I could possible put my thought into. 
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    When we die dmt takes over an makes our mind think we are leaving our body to better place when really mind is dieing off an after that it's over all black. Not after life or reincarnation. That's the end of the road.
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  13. What if...just for example...someone were to die by having their head smashed and there was no dmt released?
  14. Then they skip the DMT hallucinations and die instantly.
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  15. what he said. Unless I see proof of an after life ill keep my opinion this way.
  16. When I was little, I used to think when we died we just sat/stood in this white dimension room-thing (Matrix, anyone?) forever immortal and forever with nothing, just white. Needless to say, the thought of dying made me shit a brick or two cause I thought I'd have to live in this boringass white space til who knows when. Then I moved on to think there was heaven and hell, and I was confident heaven was like a study hall-- boring and only containing "goody-two-shoes" people that studied and every now and then talked about lame shit. I thought hell, on the other hand, was basically a night club of some sort that held all kinds of coolass people that knew how to have a good time. Then I turned 15 and realized I was an idiot and now I'm just not entirely sure what the shit happens  :confused:
    But that's cool, ain't nuthin' but a G thang.
  17. I only care about keeping my awareness after death, I wanna become a formless spirit of my consciousness and explore the universe.
  18. I believe in God but I am also open minded. A friend of mine once told me that with all the energy we put into religion theres bound to be some kind of after life, just not the way we expect it to be. Me personally I pray every night and morning and I believe in a heaven and a hell because that is my faith but some of the theories people have about the after life and about God really make me wonder whats on the other side. 
  19. if there is a heaven I hope we all make it there. An there is nothing wrong with believing an praying every day I respect you big time for that big time. I will say I hope there is life after death an we see all of our loved ones in the end that would be the best ever. Iv lost a lot of people in life that I'd love to see agen.
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  20. I believe in finding out when we die. There are endless possibilities to what could happen, and no one knows for certain.

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