When to use Canna PK 13/14?

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  1. Hey guys. I read it should be used week 5, but ive always ignored the first week of flowering and considered the 2nd week after changing lights to be my first week. Should i feed the PK at week 5 from the light flip or ignore the first week and treat week 6 from light flip as week 5?
  2. Hello, you’ll most likely get different answers to this question.
    I’ve used this product in the past, used to buy it locally from a certified seller. He said he would use it no longer than a week. He would start to use it when the tops of his buds became the size of dimes. After using it a few runs I really wasn’t impressed. I’ve read of others who love the stuff. best of luck.
  3. Yea i always hear to only use it for a week, just curious as to which week.
  4. To say a particular week is not logical considering strains vary. Week 5 for a 12 week strain is not always the same as week 5 for an 8 week strain. “When the tops of your buds become the size of dimes” they can then utilize the boost from said product.
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  5. Well my plants are 8 week strains. Ive heard from most sources to use it at week 5.
  6. Sounds like you’ve answered your own question.
  7. I have not, is it week 5 from light change or week 6 from light change, as i hear many people ignore the first week of flowering as its more of a transition period rather than actually flowering time.
  8. My guess is when you were advised to use it at the start of week 5, those who advised you would’ve mentioned skipping the first week also. If that’s what they do.
  9. Im just going by things ive read, not direct advice from people. Thats why im here ^^
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    Count your flowering time from the appearance of pistols. that's usually around 10 days after flipping the light schedule.
    I've used Canna"s Coco line and I use the PK 13/14 through out the entire flowering process. It doesn't add that much ppm/ec . I'd rather my plants have a luxury level than be deficient. You could probably learn which weeks were needing if you had grown that particular strain several times with a control group to see the difference.

    If you look at Canna's feedcharts they actually say week 3-4 or "Growth in height achieved" after the stretch. So if you want to go by their playbook its the week after the stretch is over.
    CANNA Grow Guide | A personalized Feeding Chart | CANNA
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