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  1. Hey so got these as clones one month ago just wondering how much longer do you think i should leave them at 18/6 to maximise space in grow room. Also would you reccomend topping them? Have no idea what kind of strain it is , being grown under a 400watt hps image.jpg

    Temps get as low as 55 degrees farenheit with lights off is this going to become a problem in flowering?

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  2. You can top if you feel your gonna need bushier plants, if not let em go. Temps shouldn't drop belo 60's, upper 60's would be better for the plants.

    I dig the setup, nice and clean, looks like a perfect place to scrog. May want to look into it
  3. Do you think that in a situatin like this scrog would help increase overall yield? How much can i expect them to grow during flowering without scrog?
  4. Scrog definitely increases yield, it also helps keep the canopy at a lower and more level. Once it flowers, all the buds grow above the screen, and your left with an array of buds.

    Feel free to check out my C99&Chemdog thread to see what it looks like when flowering begins

    You can also check out the Scrog sticky:

  5. Yea been lookin at it last couple days im keen to give it a go, toom this picture yesterday, thinking of setting the scrog net up about 8" from the top if where the plants are currently at, does that seem right?
  6. Ill have a look at your scrog set up after work when im back on pc not mobile

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  7. You want the screen around 6"-14" above the soil
  8. Sweet thanks byo at about 13" roughly at the moment so going to set one up in next couple of days, let them veg another 10 days thrn flip them, just checkef out your grow lookin sweet
  9. Good stuff man! And thank you :wave:

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