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    Alright soo my plants are about 2 and a half weeks old and the pots I have them in are quite small and their disposable which means the roots will pop out of it, which is exactly what their doing. theirs like a bunch of little roots coming out of the bottom and im curious as to transplant or not because they still are pretty small. I don't want to fuck this up and hurt them.
    both plants looked like this ( image shown below ) I only had one larger pot and tried transplanting and the roots that were popping out of the bottom got stuck and sort of ripped when I pulled it out, now im just straight scared that I really did mess this up..


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  2. if roots are coming out it's already too late
    transplant asap
  3. Transplant to a 3 or 5 gallon. The plants will be fine. Expect for them to go into a little shock, but they will recover.

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