When to transplant out of cups?

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  1. Hey, everyone. This is my first time using the red solo plastic cups for sprouting. On previous attempts I've had them sprout in larger containers so I didn't need to transplant very quickly. I have 6 bag seed sprouts going right now while I wait for some ordered seeds. They are about 3 days old under a 400watt HPS and putting out their second set of true leaves. The cups are 18oz and around 6 inches tall.

    I want to transplant before they get rootbound, but I'd like to keep them how they are now for as long as I can before becoming rootbound, because I have them in a verynice setup where they are getting almost all of the light reflected on them that I won't really be able to use once they are in bigger containers due to space issues. How long do I have? I was thinking 1 to 2 weeks, but 2 weeks might be pushing it. Again, I want to utilize my set up as long as possible, but avoiding them becoming rootbound is more important because I don't want to stunt their growth. How long do you guys recommend I wait before transplanting to bigger pots? 7 days old? 10 days old? or could they go a full two weeks? Let me know. Thanks. :)

    edit: you could also recommend to me by what node the plants should be on before transplanting. that would help too. either way.
  2. you should have holes at the bottom of the cup for drainage, i wait until i can see a root at one of the holes.
  3. yeah, what he said. It's tough to just give a time because different plants under different conditions will develop their root system at different rates.

    You can also GENTLY flip them over and pull out the plant and root ball and visually inspect for roots starting to make it to the sides of your cups. I know guys that cut a slit a couple inches down the side of their cup so they can pry it open and take a peek. If you put one half way down from the top and bottom just about 2 inches long you can just pull one of the flaps back a bit and take a gander.
  4. I do have drainage holes. I made a lot of them, but they are small. I don't think I'd be able to see the roots through them, but they drain water out just as they should. I guess I will give it a week and then try to cut some slits on the cups to check out the roots. That's how I was going to transplant anyways, by making a slit and then peeling the cup off the block of soil and moving that block. I know different plants grow differently, but I was just wondering about how long it took from you guys' personal experience with your own young plants. Thanks.
  5. honestly, it varries from plant to plant (and I'm talking clone to clone). I can usually just tell by how much plant there is above the surface. If it's relatively tall for a seedling (like 6-8 inches) and has a decent amount of foliage, then it's definately got at least that much root mass.

    It's hard to describe. As you do more and more grows, you just kinda "know" when to do it. The general rule of thumb I give to newer growers is to put your plant into a container that has as many gallons as your plant is old in months. So, for a one month old plant, it should be in a gallon pot. 2 months, 2 gallons. 3 months, 3 gallons...
  6. So by that logic are you saying that by the 8th week of flowering it should be in a 8/9 gallon pot??? Or do you stop increasing once you start to flower?
  7. I guess I'll leave it until they are about 6 inches and then put them into 3 gallon pots for a while, and then into 5 gallon buckets, or some larger wider pots I have laying around before flowering. thanks.
  8. im just growing my seedlings until I see roots then placing then straight in the 3 gallon grow bag and thats all gonna water each bag with a gallon of water you think thats a pretty good idea im just missing half a gallon to be close to the halfway mark and how long you think a gallon will support it im thinkin 3 to 4 days
  9. it takes you 8-9 months to flower?

    and yes, I'm talking about vegetative growth.
  10. I go up to 5 gallon pots during veg, then when i put it to flower i put them in 7 gallon pots.

    For the guy with the cups, get another identical cup that you used, make larger holes in it at the bottom sides. Then take the cup with the plant in it and make a slit down the entire lenght of the cup... this will be your inspection cut, when finished inspecting for roots put the cup inside the other cup.
  11. lol i calculated just a bitt off.. haha..
  12. thought so:D

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