when to transplant in bigger pot ?

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  1. day 3 since this seed has been in the dirt... my question is when should i transplant it into a bigger pot, it's about a 1/2 inch a little smaller... it's in one of those drinking cups you know for like those water machines things, bigger than a dixie much smaller than a party cup

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  2. wait a couple weeks. You want it to establish a decent root system and get some growth. Provided there's drainage in its current container, I'd leave it in there until it's significantly bigger.
  3. yeah there are several holes at the bottom of the cups, i shouldn't water them, right? 2 of them are very dry at the surface but still moist lower down, when do i start watering?
  4. 4 weeks or 4 inches tall,,if your talking of a 4'' cup,,,but the cup your talking of will deteriote,in about 2 weeks,,,it will rip down the side,,,,id go ahead and put them in a 4'' plastic pot made for a plant,,,,and when you move them to a real pot,,,bury the old soil till the plants leaves are right at ground level...;)
  5. Aside from saving soil, is there any advantage in using smaller containers first instead of directly sowing the germinated seeds into a 3 gallon pot? If anything, shouldn't they grow faster in the larger pots because the roots have more room?
  6. :cool: i like to transplant 2 different times,,,ill start them in a 4'' pot,,to get the seed started,,,,once its established good,,ill have a high nitrogen soil mix prepared for the vegging stage,,,ill let it grow in there till i reach the height desired,, then transplant again in a high phoserphous medium,,although continue vegging in the new medium for 2 more weeks,,to give the roots enough time to run thru the new soil,,[because once flowering the roots dont develop much],,,after those 2 wks. then change the light schedule and begin flowering..4'' to start the seed,,8'' pot for vegging,,?? the next size pot is the final one..as big as you wont...
  7. do u really need to transplant at all? could you start a seedling in a three gal pot in the first place?? just a question...
  8. you could, but what's nice about your cups or Chicken's 4" pots is that you can really target the roots with your waterings and encourage the soil to dry out faster in order to get more root development. If you just threw them into 3 gal pots from the start, you'd have to pour an assload more of your nute mix just to make sure all the soil was evenly damp.

    By starting in a smaller pot, you ensure good root development (that you can periodically inspect prior to transplanting) so you can make adjustments and such before transplanting in to the final flowering container.

  9. HIGH All, imo the best way to tell if you need watering is the "lift" test...if it's light, water....if it's heavy, wait till it wieghts lighter. Plus I'd repot to a bigger pot for sure....when your growing to transplant, put soil in the pot and "lift" it....now water it and "lift" it again...you'll most definatly will feel the difference and the more you do this the better you become and after a time you'll know just when to water.

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