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  1. How we doing guys need some advice got a couple gorilla bombs from bomb seeds the strain was to good to resist it’s a Sativa hybrid and I usaully only do Indicas so don’t know exact stretch I’m in for when I do flip the switch .

    The way it’s worked out some are growing quicker than others to started topping to let others catch up was needing some advice on best time or height to flip if anybody has done them was planning to switch in two weeks I’ll try put pics up cheers , pics we’re from a week ago

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  2. Can I ask what bulb you are using? Looks HPS...set camera to incandescent. 3 weeks is good, how far is the bulb off the plant? 5 nodes.
  3. Got two 400w hps about a foot of them had a issue with my fan so not want them to close ,some have 5 others have 7 , want to get them flowering soon
  4. Prune em. You can veg as long as you want, you'll grow trees. I'd get the light off em a bit more 18" ...before I go on any further, the corner of your wall...is that mold or mildew...also looks to be a spider web.

    CLEAN! Disinfect...sanitize.

    I unfortunately had mites and webbing on a bullshit strain...stopped the grow, ripped it all down and rebuilt..got rid of that BS and started fresh...I dont grow anymore...when your electrical bill is over $1000 ...fuck that.
  5. Aye it’s a bit of mild was there when I started but defo need it cleaned up , so take the light up more ?
  6. Yeah, I would. Rotate the plants so the shorter ones get more light.

    Are you using nutrients?

    Gotta get some air circulation and exhaust.
  7. Speaking as a landlord you're going to ruin that floor. If you own the house feel free to do what you wish but if you're renting please protect the floor. It's so disheartening to go into a house you've put your money and sweat into and see it damaged by neglect or carelessness. It's even more disheartening when the damage is done on purpose though. I've damaged houses because something happened I didn't think of. I was once growing in my basement in a house with hardwood floors and I let the humidity get out of control and it cupped all the floors in the house. If you don't have a steady flow of fresh air you'll need a dehumidifier, especially if you keep your door closed.

    Like UGODZILLA says, you can veg as long as you want but you can also flip them anytime you want. I think it's a bit early but you can do it. Expect the plants to double their height after the flip so if you flip now you'd miss out on harvest day. Especially when all you need is patience to get the bumper crop. I don't think your light is too close.
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  8. Like the wise @Cactus Ed says your light's not close enough. As long as you have good airflow around your plants as you should you can run a 400 as close as 8" I have mine as close as 6" now with a mix of plants about 18" to 3' tall. Plants from hemp to Critical Mass and AK47.

    An HPS light isn't the best choice for vegging plants tho some like the Hortilux Super HPS has an enhanced blue spectrum and can do a decent job.

    Just took this pic yesterday.


    I've mostly grown sativas for the last 18 years and some can stretch to 3x their size but there are various ways to manage that stretch.

    Topping. The more it's topped and the more grow tops there are really diminish the amount of stretch to 1/4 or less than it would have stretched. Seems the more tops there are divide the stretch among them or something.

    ScroG. My favorite. Grow your plants into a screen tying the grow tips to the screen as they grow until the screen is almost full of grow tips then keep tying them down during the stretch to keep a nice flat canopy and get a forest of buds. Can get 2 - 4X the yield with a proper ScroG. Putting a screen up to support vertically standing colas is NOT a ScroG but often called one.

    LST, HST and other acts of brutality. I use them all the time too and a drastic but effective way to keep an eager top down is to roll the stem a few nodes down until you crush the inner core for a couple inches along the stem and let the top flop over. Even if it splits open it will have just as big if not bigger cola on it when it's done.

    Keeping the MH light going through the stretch period also helps limit stretch and gives extra UV light which seems to help with resin production later on. I'll usually add a 2nd 400W light along with my 400 MH using the Hort Super HPS for the best of both worlds.

    Grab yourself some free pot books and read to your heart's content.

    I found a great spot to download FREE POT BOOKS. I downloaded a grow bible first and got lots more. Books look great and complete like the real ones I have here. No web site but just a page of links. Just right click on what you want and then "Save Link As" to download so they don't open first as some are 50+ megs. They got lots. Enjoy.
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  9. I used two 1000 watt eye hortilux MH , vegged dem cunts for 3 weeks .....I grew perpetual...moved em under..four 1000 watters....I started giving away elbows.

    Zack Morris fucked Nancy Botwin
  10. Reading ur post just answered so many damn auestions i had. Im goin in head first on my next plant im setting up a small 1.5’x1.5’ scrOG if it works out im doing the whole 2.5’x2.5’ tent next grow after!! Thank you so much for so much good to know NEED to know info.. thanks boss!!
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  11. You're more than welcome. Always glad to help out.

    If you like hanging out with your plants ScroG is a good excuse to escape to the grow room and let the spousal unit take care of the dishes. ;)

    I had let some CBD plants get way too tall and after thinking about it for a bit decided to make a 4x4' square screen using bamboo plant stakes for the frame. Took me a half hour to slap it together using screen I had already ScroGed with before. Had to use a couple different pieces so it's a bit Mickey Mouse but it did the trick.

    Screwed a couple hooks in the wall to hang the back of the screen off of and held the front up with chains from hooks in the ceiling. One plant's main stem broke bending the almost 6' girls over but I put a splint on it with masking tape and she grew fine. Hung the lights over it on my light mover to shuffle it back and forth to get better coverage too.

    Could raise the front right up for easy access for watering or lower it right to the floor. Just about broke my arm patting myself on the back. :)

    I had been sick and neglected them for months then found out why I was sick. I'd had a leaky appendix for over 5 years and it finally went ballistic. End of Nov last year had emergency surgery and spent a couple weeks in the hospital getting IV antibiotics. Did the screen thing about a week after getting out. When I got to emerg the quack there told me I was constipated and gave me a f'n laxitive. Idiot didn't even know where the appendix was! Got his license out of a box of Cracker Jacks in South Africa I bet. That's where he actually came from for real.

    Anyway, on with the show. (This is not a ScroG)

    What I was dealing with. Jammed up to the 6'6" ceiling and bending over at that. You can see the chain running under the tops to hold them up.


    All rigged up with a 1000W Super HPS lighting them up.


    Long shot of the room just before I re-positioned the rail 90° to run across the screen. Also changed the front chain's top hookup from a single point at the top to a hook at each corner. (See above pic) With those chains and S hooks you can do all sorts of things easy.


    I'm going to use that screen to ScroG the girls I'm repotting now. I'll have it a foot from that rt. side wall so I can get down that side to easier reach grow tips I want to tie down with twist ties.

    I just realized I wasn't replying to the OP. Hope it's OK that I hijacked your thread a bit @Mr Green finger. Didn't mean to.

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  12. Got them in all mix from biobizz says it has upto 3 weeks of nutrients in it so only have root juice when transplanting them I have been rotating and putting smaller ones to the center under the light directly and taller ones to the outside
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  13. Not to the OP but a great post none to less.. i enjoyed reading it.. & the pictures, thanks..

    Im going to get some of those hooks and a nice legnth chain to work with but i kunda like the straps that are made for the tents
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  14. The wise Cactus Ed. How funny. If you knew some of the hairbrained stunts I've pulled...… But you're right about bending over tops that are too far ahead of the rest. Crushing the stem before bending them over helps prevent them from snapping off and it doesn't seem to hurt them. It makes the cola look a little odd though when it grows out.
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  15. what strain is that..thats up to the roof

    ican tell its a sativa
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