when to switch from fluoro to hps

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by big-j, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. hi folks this my first grow. my growing cuboard is 3 ft by 3ft and nearly 8ft tall. i have a tower fan blowing on my babies and an extractor fan venting into my loft which isnt on yet this and a vent in the bottom of the door gives a good flow of air .i have 2 big bud seedlings at 2.5 inches for 3 days old the temp in the cuboard is 70 .when should i switch to my 400watt hps from my 18 watt fluoro iam growing in a soil mixture :hello:
  2. some people just go ahead and put the hps on them, some will leave the flo's for 2 weeks or so.. if u decide to add the hps, just make sure it won't burn your plants by been to close.... also get a temp checker so u will always know if is to hot for your plants..
  3. i started out wit my fluors for liek 2 weeks till my hps came in. Then i just put the pots at the bottom of my closet n hung the light down to about the middle of my closet and ever since then they've been growing
    ! my current temp is about 86 n it seems to stay steady there!
  4. thanks 420 shade . i was thinking of giving them the two weeks . no what you mean about the heat did a dry run this is how the extractor fan came about he he
  5. hi dutch master sounds good to me hows the grow going
  6. good so far.
    thats just a start i have seeds germinating n ill have up to like 5 more plants
  7. sorry i didn,t reply last night it was early morning here and i went to bed. woke this morning to find another 2 big buds growing 4 out of 4 for my first attemped .got another fluoro for the other 2. i will be very happy if mine look as good as yours. i will change to hps a week on sunday by then i hope they will be strong enough for it

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