When to start FoxFarm nutrients

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  1. This is my first complete grow, and I've run into an issue. I've been successful growing in the past, but wasn't serious and didn't have all the proper space/equipment like I do now. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good advice. Here's the deal...

    Started seed in 2 parts MG organic choice, 2 parts EWC and 1 part perlite. From research I've found out that MG organic choice DOES have small amounts of nutrients in it. That's really what's throwing me off, because I don't know if I should start my FoxFarm nutes yet. I've got Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom. When the seedling broke ground, the husk was still attached and the cotyledons look yellow. I moistened the husk and gently removed it without incident, but the yellow leaves remain. Could this be a sign that it's hungry?

    Seedling is under 100 actual watts of CFL bulbs with light breeze from an indirectly oscillating fan.
  2. When I search for "when to start feeding cannabis seedlings" everything is so subjective. How am I supposed to know? :/
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    You might want to be careful with miracle grow soil most has nutes already in it and could harm your plants by pouring more in, I usually start mine on 1/4 strenrth when they reach about third node that's just me others may have different opinions. Hope this helps. Also those nutes are for different stages of your plants life it has a chart on their web site to help you .
  4. Thanks for responding pork chop. I was definitely aware that the soil I was getting already has nutrients in it, but also read that they were moderate at most. It was the only thing I could get at the time.

    What do you start your seedlings in?

    I hear many different answers to my original question, but most only differ according to how much nutrients their starting substrate has in it.
  5. Also I would never just pour more in :p

    To be honest I've never used nutrients before. Haven't even opened a bottle yet.
  6. You should wait till your plants tell you to feed them anyway.

    Plant first,and wait really.

    In veg plants that need feeding show very light coloring in new growth.
  7. I start mine in happy frog then go to Ocean floor and it seems to work for me .
  8. You guys are awesome. Thanks for helping me +rep to you both.
  9. how did this foxfarms regime work out for you?
    I'm almost 2 weeks in and thinking about the ferts soon - stressful

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