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When to say yes, When to say no:

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KeepsMN, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. #1 KeepsMN, Aug 6, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 6, 2015
    I have a friend named Z in the midwest, where people are considered "nice"

    meaning that noone speaks what is really on their mind,
    meaning that conversations are really just a bunch of questions that dodge and evade topics.

    Last night I was at Z's house. It's wednesday night and his parents aren't home, meaning its a safe spot to roast up.
    When me and my friend T showed up at Z's house, we started to all play Mortal Kombat X.

    My friend T packed a bowl in Z's bong, then passed it around. Feeling good, My buddy T starts rollin up a few blunts.
    While rolling, he explains to us that he is trying to burn through a giant bag of leftover shake, so these blunts are "on-the-house!"

    While the night is off to a very good start, I start noticing myself getting higher.
    I start to think in increasingly bigger thoughts, and we are all having a great time... until the munchies set in.

    Z's house always has loads of food stowed away downstairs and in the fridge. My buddy T must have gotten real hungry, and says something like "Hey I'm gonna grab some chips real quick"

    My buddy Z appears to not mind, and accompanies T to the snack room. I follow suit, figuring "boy I guess im pretty hungry"

    Stopping in the snack room, food piled up to the walls, T starts grabbing a few snacks. Z starts mentioning to us the different snacks he has, While I sit back and watch for the mean time. (This is question #1, more later) (1.)

    Z and T seem to have made their snack choices, with T grabbing a bag of almonds and a bag of chips, Z choosing a bag of chips as well.
    I snag a bag of chips off the floor, and we all make our way back to the smoke room to play some cod zombies. We make several more trips to smoke outside on his porch, the outside fresh air feelin great, nice and cool, close to 70 degrees.

    Then the second wave of munchies hits.. While playing a match, Scorpion vs. Takeda, someone brought up the fact that "Takeda" sounds like "Tacquito" if you say it fast. (Talk about blazed)

    Hearing this, My buddy Z mentions there's tacquitos upstairs, as well as burritos. My first thought hearing that is, "Woah im hungry"

    T says "Let's make that happen" and he starts upstairs for the microwave. Z follows, me behind him.

    Once upstairs, I sit down at the kitchen island, pullin up a chair and waiting to see what's up with the food plans.

    T asks "Where are those tacquitos?"

    Z responds, "Outside, in the freezer." and proceeds to go and grab the food.

    T then pulls up a chair next to me to sit at the island.

    Z comes back in with all manner of microwave food, and begins to cook 4-5 burritos, 4 tacquitos, good stuff, on a press griddle on the counter.

    I'm trying to talk to Z about MKX, when I realize that I'm talking to the host, Z, while he prepares food for both me and T.


    The more I think about this situation, the more it sounds like my friend T is mooching off of Z, and it sounds to me like I'm doing the same thing. If you were in this situation, how would you go about it?

    In other words, If you were at a friends place, and you got the munchies, are you the type of person to let your buddy prepare food for you while you watch?

    I could be overthinking this by 7x, but just something that's been on my mind is how I could have improved this situation.

    Thanks blades!

  2. Z is a terrible person for inviting people into his home and feeding his guests. He should be ashamed of himself. That's not normal.
  3. ^- That camel's face looks like my junk!

    Yes, heaven forbid a host should feed his guests!
  4. So I see that this isnt as big of a deal as i though.. less thinking, more relaxing next time
  5. If it's bugging you then bring a pizza or something next time you go over there, as a nice gesture. And I hope you are polite respectful to Z's parents as it doesn't sound like Z is the one buying these snacks. :)
  6. That is called being a polite host. Just offer him the same respect if he comes over to your place. That kind of behavior is common back in the Midwest. I don't about the fake polite shit though, people can be assholes everywhere, but being a good host is a rare thing out here in CA but in the farmland it is common practice. Down south they go even further when I lived in Arkansas my neighbors brought us pies and bread and a fruit basket to welcome us to the neighborhood.
  7. Sounds like you had fun. Next time maybe one of you other 2 could host or atleast bring food. Maybe order a pizza
  8. I'd be offended if someone came in my house and wouldn't eat my food. Seriously.
  9. right on blades!

    glad you all could make sense of this
  10. A little info to throw at you young blades. Some parents have the kitchen full of food so that way their kids friends will always want to be at their house. They would rather have you guys at their house and feed you there, over being in town causing trouble. I had a buddy that his mom wanted us over all the time. They would buy us alcohol and kept the fridge stocked because she wanted to keep us safe. It was awesome, and we spent 80% of our time hanging out with them
  11. Next time, stop at taco bell and get a bag full of tacos and burritos to take over to his house.
  12. Just return the favor next time/bring munchies :)
  13. It sounds less like mooching and more like Z is a very generous and courteous host. Besides, didn't you guys smoke him out with a bunch of free blunts? I'm not seeing any problems here.
  14. It's not like I want other people Making a mess in my kitchen.. Or eating my food for that matter... Damn hippies get outta my house! Haha that's why I don't have friends over. Always asking to grab a bottle of water. drink the fucking "free" tap water.
  15. that's what adults do when they have people at their home.. they make them food and offer drinks.
  16. Tell me more about how these adults act, I may want to be one someday
  17. i know you don't leave my house hungry.. fucking mooch.

  18. lmao..your right there.. but you make me feel like a homeless person buying me everything and spoiling me.
    Where were you when I was a kld,... lmao...
  19. be a cool host.

    be a cool guest.

    not fuckin rocket science is it?

  20. I'm not sure how old you are OP, but pretty much this. Regardless of where you live, if adults guests over and they're hungry (whether they're high or not) it's pretty much customary for you to feed them. This isn't a one way road, though. If friend Z goes over to your house you better be damn sure to feed him if he gets the munchies, otherwise you are the epitome of a mooch and no one likes a mooch.

    On a side note, if you are going out to get food and it has to be paid for then usually the person supplying the herb to the group usually isn't the one paying for the food. If it's at house though it's fair game.

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