When to harvest?

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  1. Im not familiar with humus soil but worms cant be bad when talking about soil. I would definitely try to add some nutes if possible.
  2. Where i live we dont have much of a cannabis culture going on. Not in terms of growers.
    Sure we have cannabis, but little is made here (huge potential), and its quite good (most sativa strains), majority comes from a neighbor country and is not good at all.
    First talks on legalizing it or discriminalizing just started, major politics have started to address the issue in a civilized way.

    Thats why we dont have many stores or gardening shops selling super thrive, soils mixtures, hydroponics etc.
  3. I feel ya man with MJ you want higher levels of phosphorus and potassium in flower so if you can find nutes with a N-P-K ratio with higher P and K id try to use that. You might want to look where the nutes are derived from on the bottle to make sure nothing could harm your baby.

    Im guessing this is your first grow and a lot of people seem to be counting this plant off but hey man i know where your coming from. Just try to learn as much as you can on this grow and your next one will be awesome. good luck
  4. L1feG1ver,
    This is week 6 since i switched to 12/12.
    I was using a 250w HPS but i struggled a lot with heat.
    Then i switched to 2 85w clfs and still had the same trouble.
    I have a small fan in with 2 6" fans for outakes.
    The cabinet is too small, and i had 4 plants in there. 3 of them turned out male, and they came from super skunk feminilized seeds.

    Anyhow, thanks for your help!
  5. Ok, Landeye. I have a 6-14-8 here, that should do the job.
    Yes this is my first grow here. I am already working on a bigger cabinet so i can control the heat better.
    Looking foward to get back on HPS lights.

    For now, i just hope this baby recovers well.
  6. Yeah dude im pulling for ya. Being able to grow a plant from seed all the way to the harvest day is a feat in intself for any newb grower no matter what the plant really looks like in the end its all experience gained. Plus its fun as shit im just finishing fixing up my grow box as well i just recently finished my first grow in it and im ready to get started in my new set up. Grasscity is great no matter what some people say and if you look hard enough you can find some very useful information im expecting my next grow to be a whole lot better solely because of grasscitys help
  7. Hi guys,
    Well, after the last time, 81 days went by and she shows some small buds.
    I let her outside all this time. We had a lot of rain this last couple months, i made sure not to let her in the rain all this time. Anyhow, here is her now.

    How brown should the buds be to harvest?
    Long way to go yet?

    I am getting a 20 foot ship container to tide things up.
    Going again for super skunk and afghans, hope i dont mess up this time.
    a cabinet grow in this region, with heat an humidity is kind of hard to control.

    I am planning 10 or 20 plants for next time.

    Thanks for the suport.

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  8. b4 you jump to 10 to 20 plants you better bust your ass when it comes to the books.
    it cost money to grow, and you wanna make it worth it.

  9. if you cant keep one plant alive, you will be majorly screwed with 10-20 plants. imo, next grow do 1 or 2 again AND invest in a decent setup otherwise youll be pissing your money away.

    research till your eyes bleed...then wipe away the blood and do it again! investing time into something like this will pay off!

    good luck
  10. also u never want to spray ur plant under light do in darkness if have to spray im praying to the Grow Gods for you GL here are a few pic on mine 2 1/2 weeks into flower

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  11. Dude!

    The poor plant is so so so sick.. I'm the ultimate newby and even I can see that. Put her out of her misery and start again
  12. as nutes go i liek teh 2 part system my aprt A is 10-0-0 and my part B is 0-12-16 currently im using 10ml of part A and 20ml part B per gallon im cutting it back justa little went out last nite and my tips wheer turning tan brown so im assuming nute bure going to cut back 1/4 nutesBUT>>>>>> try a 2 part system i use MoJO these plants are in a 4x5 converted laundry room under a 600 watt HPS with A/C unit to keep room cool and 3 fans to surculate the air just started thier 3rd week of flowering on Wednesday before that i veged for 3 1/2 weeks under 24 hours before under 600 had under 2 100wCFL"S and 1 12in Flouro to get my clones and seedling adapted GL on ur Grow thjis is my First Grow alao its going better then expected so far

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  13. Where are u at ? where not much growing

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