When to harvest?

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  1. Hi People,

    I have a small super skunk into flowering in her 7th week.
    She is quite small, 12 inches, and has some small buds on her already.

    How long should i wait to harvest?

    Yes, i am using 2 85w clfs for her.

    Tried a 250w but the heat in the cabinet was just too much.

    Thanks for the help.

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  2. I think you've got much greater problems to worry about right now.

    Clean out all the dead leaves that's not good for a grow room.

  3. :D From a distance it looks like your growing bananas in there rather than Cannabis. :smoke:
  4. [​IMG]

    You can use a pocket microscope to view the trichomes. Radio Shack sells an illuminated one for only twelve dollars.
  5. looks super neglected
  6. you have a lot to learn young grasshopper
  7. she might be root bound too
  8. sad looking plants
  9. Yes. a lot to learn.
    I had big heat issues while using a 250w HPS.
    Had to switch to 2 85w cfls and still sometimes gets 37 celsius in there.
    I dont know what to do here...

  10. well looking at your plants, they needs some love.

    next time, top or train them, add fans and more light.

    if you harvest now it anytime soon your yeild will suck, If you dont see big buds now dont cut...
  11. So, what should i do here?
    Put it outside? Its raining a lot now.
    Keep both 85w on? Turn one of?
    How can i save this baby?
  12. keep the lights, add more if possible.

    Take the plant into a bathtube or sink, and flush it with water ( constant watering for 5 mins.) flush any salt build up away. Maybe transplant and adjust the roots.

    The stalk is way to thick (older )at this point to try any topping.

    But hey, if this run sucks... then just try to improve on your mistakes next time.
  13. Ok.
    I flushed and then transplanted to a larger pot today.
    To prevent heat i turned one of the 6" fans to outside, now they both work as outtakes.
    I am trying to leave the door open most of the time lights are on.
    I switched the 2 85w cfls for 6 32w.
    They seem to generate less heat than the other 2.
    Temp is around 28-32 celsius.
    Humidity is tough since its rainning a lot here, and is between 60-75%.
    PH is average 6.0.
    Should i add any nutrition to this recovery?

    Thanks again for all the help.

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  14. Should i take some off those fan leaves off?
    Buds under those leaves are not getting enough light...
    Some say its not good for the plant to cut leaves in flowering...
  15. people usually seem to be split with defoliating but id say if you cant add anymore light try to take off some leaves. Only clip the leaves that you think block the most light dont cut anything thats not going to have a big effect. keep as much as you can.

    Oh and its not a good idea to spray your plant while its flowering. right now isnt too bad but once the buds start coming in good spraying will lose trichomes and could burn your leaves
  16. I wouldn't even want anything that came off of a plant like that. But good luck with the flowering. Use fans/AC to lower the temp.
  17. Thanks, Landeye.
    Took only 3 leaves off. Lets see how she reacts.
    In terms of nutrients, should i add anything?
  18. what type of soil are using?
  19. This is humus soil (from worms).
  20. what made you wait all this time to start asking questions? if you new the answer to your questions in this post before you grew that plant, im sure it would be way healthier.
    looks to me like you grew a weed haha, not much bud on it. how long you been flowering for?

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