When to harvest ?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by evilgenius, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. I have a question about when to harvest the plant. Now I have 2 females that are about 3 weeks out from harvest. I am using a Advanced Nutrients feeding system, I have added an extra week into the flowering stage, and now I am starting to see few of the buds turn the hairs from white to brown, now a few of the nugs are really brown almost 80-90 % of the hairs are brown, should I pick those or leave them for anouther 3 week?

    The only problem I have with picking them now is all the nutrients I have fed them, I am working them out with Overdrive and FinalPhase, but like I said I still have anouther 3 weeks to go before I start feeding it just plain ol' water.

    Is it safe to pick now, or should I wait? I am not sure if the nugs will die off and will not be smokeable..

    Please help... What should I do ?
  2. Dont give them Finalphase with any nutrients...that kind of defeats the purpose. Hell if you your 3 weeks out you dont need to be giving them Finalphase yet anyway. If your using soil you shouldnt be using Finalphase at all, just flush out your pots with twice their capacity and give them plain water after that and youll be golden. Humic acid helps the plants absorb all of the nutrients in the soil and works as an organic flush aid.

    You can pick them if you want...but I wouldnt.
  3. I havent started them on the FinalPhase yet, I still have 1 week with the OverDrive, and then 1 week with the OverDrive, and then 1 week of just water, so I figured 3 weeks left.

    But I wasnt sure if the buds will die off, or what will happen once all the hairs turn brown ?

    Am I safe to say that I am on track and I should just leave them be? I want to leave them so they are as big as possible, and will covered in thc.

    I am setting up a site with a photo album, I took a few pics yesterday I will get them up and will show you how they are coming along.
  4. The color of the hairs is fairly inaccurate in determining the proper time of harvest. I would recommend getting a 30x magnifier (you can get a 60-100x from radio shack for about ten bucks) and look at the resin glands. Depending on the high you want, harvest when a few are turning milky white for a more cerebral, harvest when the majority are milky white for a good body and cerebral stone, and harvest when amber for a deeper body stone. Make sure you check this out, otherwise your THC content will lessen the more they turn amber. If it is already time to harvest use a flushing agent (final flush), no nutrients, and you should be able to harvest in a couple of days to avoid the taste and negs of the ferts being left in.
  5. Right on, I will have to go out and get one of those magnfyiers. so I can see better, I want them to be a amber color, I want to get fucked when I smoke this shit. I seen somewhere on these forums that someone called amber chouchlock, lmao, that is what I want, I want to fall on my ass cause I am soo stoned, lol.

    I cant wait! :)

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