When to harvest?

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  1. Hello All,
    First time grower here. I have a blue dream that's approaching 70 days into harvest. Top buds are taking longer especially the main (which looks like it tailed probably due to high heat). Bottom looks almost ready to harvest, but top bud still strong in white pistils.
    Do I harvest half now? Or wait ?

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  2. i dont see anything there that looks even close to being done. You need MUCH more light.
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  3. My last run was of Blue Dream, check my grow journal I had on it....I harvested around day 72 and it was MUCH more filled out and plump....could have easily went 80 days though....I pulled over 2 ounces off 1 plant in a small grow tent ...I'd give that at least another 2 weeks before harvest
  4. Thanks for the responses! I moved around a few of the cfl's off the top because I thought it was causing it to fox tail after doing a little research. She struggled in the beginning as I was experimenting with my first grow. Any feedback is appreciated !

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