when to harvest ?

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    hi im on my 3rd grow past 2 were cheese, this 1 liberty haze
    barneys farm where i got the seeds from says 60to65 days flowering im on day 66now and it still dosent look ready, buds nice and fat and hard so many white pistols its untrue, im looking everyday for amber tricones and i no what im looking for. ive just bin searching the net theres guy on site called rollitup (something like that) hes the only person i can find whos done this strain and hes put 88days flowering, ive inboxed him and asked where he got 88days from.

    can any1 help me thanks

    (id put photos on but not sure how to do it)
  2. Never trust a breeders stated flower time, even the reputable ones....they all fudge some.

    Off Post; gonna see if this can be moved to seedbanks. May give you some responces from those who have grown it. Nobody looks for strain posts in the" dungeon".
  3. ok thanks im new to the site, so wasn't sure where to post it or start new thread do they call it, and thanks again

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