when to harvest in Denmark?

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    Hi everybody on GC!!
    -as the title says or asks :) anyone who has an perfect harvest date for the plants outside in Denmark? just askin´ (+whats your fav. seed for short growtime and cold/wet outdoor climate?)

    thanks, the Dane
  2. There's no specific time to harvest only the maturity of the plant will tell you when to harvest, this is a picture of a plant ready to harvest.


    When allot of your tricks are amber colored it is harvest time.
  3. roger that skunky monkey!
    But i´m askin for a app. date to seed, and to harvest in denmark.
    we don´t have summer all year :) 2-3 months or so.. so autumn is right around the corner! (autoflowering is more and more appealing to me :-o but i dont know right now..)

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