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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by canada boy, May 8, 2002.

  1. I just got some seeds and don't know when and how to go about planting them. (ie. type of soil, how much natural light they need). i live in alberta so pretty cold out until mid may. How long is their growing season?
  2. get 'em ready to go in the ground as soon as the last chance of frost has passed. They should finish up before the snow falls in the fall.
  3. thanx big poppa for the advice, how do i know if they are getting the proper nutrients, will the leaves burn if not? how close can they be planted together?(have about ten seeds). is regular black dirt good enough or should i throw in some miracle grow or other grow nutrients? dumb question but are male plants smokable? (just a rookie) any advice will help.
  4. A little bit of fets goes a long way. Miracle grow once a month to twice a month. If security allows it give them plenty of room to branch out and spread. Male plants are just like most males, only good for reproducing. get rid of them
  5. its a sad day when you pull them badboys and scorn them for what they are!
    and do your fellow growing neighbors a favor by destroying them asap.
    have fun canada boy
  6. you can STILL smoke the males. they are not to be wasted buddy!
  7. thanx for all the help everyone, and i'll keep you posted
  8. yeah Amanita, the weather has been quite nice, but it's supposed to snow tonight. I sure hope not, were crossing our fingers.....
  9. This cold weather has really fucked up outdoor plants in my part of the world. I know one grower who is germing seeds again.

  10. 40 degree changes in temp has fucked up stuff here. Starting out at 44 in the morning and then reaching 85 by 1:00 afternoon and it still being between the equinox and summer solstice has really drove the plants to stress city. Pisses me off to see a 6 inch seedling sprout white hairs. But that's why Wal Mart sells potting soil and Canad exports seeds. makes a man want to go straight hydro.

    And less I forget, the water company has gone wacky with a pH of 8.5 to 9 out of the tap all of a sudden.
  11. hi unoit, nice to meet you and thanx for the advice i will keep that in mind next time I grow. pretty cold here last night, i think a few plants may have froze... Dam shitty weather!!
  12. i gotta question for yas can i still plant right now? the weather is pretty good here (i live in a desert) about 50-80 degrees now and there hasnt been any sno since february...so can i plant them now or around he beginning of june? if i do, when will the harvest be?

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