when to flip?

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  1. so im currently on my first grow been vegging for a few months not sure exactly made alot of mistakes and fixed as much as i could nothing serious but im curious when would be a good time to flower or how would i make the decision if its ready done some reading just want human feedback pics if you need them
  2. It depends on your grow space, lighting, and strain. Some strains will triple in size (or even more) after flipping to 12/12, others may not even double in size. I usually fill up the grow area half way or more before flipping.
  3. grow space is small and i have it scrogged as for my lighting i couldve done way better but as for now its under 4 60w bulbs and growing pretty good if i transplant bigger ill have to remove from the current box and did i mention bag seed? grow was not at all planned but thanks for the input
  4. If you have enough height, scrog til it's nearly full, then flip.
    Since you don't know the strain, you can get an idea of how much the plant will stretch after flipping by looking at the leaves. In general:
    Long, thin leaves= more sativa dominant = will stretch more
    Shorter, fatter leaves= more indica dominant strain= will stretch less
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  5. cool ill probably flip around mid or late February thanks for the help homie
  6. Np, if you run into any problems feel free to PM me
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