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  1. hi all, was wondering if any one could help me with my grow. I am currently growing three bubba kush plants in a grow room they are about 5 inchs tall and look very healthy. my grow room is 80 cm x 80cm x 160 cm, im running a 400 w hps lamp and a 4 inch fan for air flow. i am watering them every other day and growth is coming on quite quick. My hope is to finish my grow with my plants around 3 feet tall and i was wondering what hight the plants should be when i change the lighting schuedual to 12 on 12 off for me to achive around the desired hieght. thank you in advance.:)
  2. General rule of thumb is to start flowering when the plants are 1/3 of the height you want. They grow about 3x bigger during flowering more or less. :smoke:
  3. thanks will do that then. any idea on what kind of yield to expect from them? bit off a silly question really.
  4. i have a question about this 3x thing because i am pretty certain that height depends more on pot size. In other words, if you veg for 2 months and have 4 foot plants but you are growing in a 3 gallon container, I doubt you will hit 8 feet, nevermind 12 feet in the end...

  5. Went over this in your thread. Your plants need root space while they are in flower. They won't grow as tall, but they will continue to grow and you will need room for your roots like stated above. Your BUD's need room too!

    This is correct.

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