When to change carbon in c/f

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    Hey guys, I recently bought a Scientific Inhalations Carbon Filter for my bong from ALT and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. But to keep the best filtration, when should I change my carbon?

  2. i have heard about every 2 grams to change them
  3. I've heard about a gram or two can go through it before changing but I've used mine for much longer because I'm lazy. I'd change it once your water get's a bit dingy.
  4. Yeah I usually just change it when I change my water or if the filter itself is looking pretty gross ...
  5. Awesome. Thanks for your input guys. Have you noticed that your high is slightly different without all those extra carcinogens to weigh you down? Cause my highs are leave me feeling less bogged down now. It's pretty awesome.
  6. Damn every gram or two? That honestly seems kind of tedious despite how awesome I've heard CF's to be..

    I mean some sessions put down an 8th, is that carbon cheap? I've been curious to getting one if I get a gong piece, but now.. eeeh lol
  7. You put about a gram of carbon in the filter when you change it. I bought 255g of activated carbon from Walmart for like $6. I definitely think it's worth it.
  8. Yeah carbon is pretty cheap, not dirt cheap but for 6 bucks you won't need any for a while.

    Also yes it's a bit tedious but I don't even consider hitting my bongs without them, and it's not that much work once you've got a cleaning routine worked out.

  9. How often do you change your carbon and what's your cleaning routine like?

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