When should I start feeding Nutrients

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  1. I am a 1st Time grower, I am currently working on a few bag seeds, doing an organic soil grow, I potted these babys 6 days ago after they germinated for 2 days using the paper towel method. Withon 2 days of potting my babies started peeking through the soil. Ive been hearing mixed reviews as to when you shoud start feeding your plants nutrients, Im trying to avoid as little mistakes as possible, Some people have said after a week of being potted you should start feeding nutrients, but ive also heard wait 2 weeks. What would you giys recommend from your personal experience?
    I appreciate the help in advance![​IMG]

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  2. Im a new grower myself so sorry I can’t answer any of your questions. But what kind of pots are you using??
  3. I like to start my nutrients not by a time but by how many nodes it has. I would wait until you have 1-2 nodes before you start feeding.

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  4. If it were my plant....i'd start light nutes in about 3 days from those pics.
  5. you say you are growing in organic soil. most organic soil's have the soil feed the plant, rather than you the grower using bottled nutrients.
    what kind of soil are you using? and what size pots are those in?
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  6. Soil with perlite ? or is that compost you bought ?
    Because there is a difference ……..

    If its Compost then don't add nutrients ….. until the nutrients run low in the compost .
    If its dirt don't add dirt until the nutrients run low ,

    Common sense , If you buy a bag of compost for your plants , the bag of compost has nutrients in it ..
    So does dirt, it has nutrients in it too.

    The million dollar question is how much nutrients does your dirt or compost have in it right now ..

    You think its simple I will just read what it says on the bag of compost ..
    Seems logical , but then read the date on the bag .
    Some sores buy compost as cheap as they can and by bulk .
    So the retailer buys composts that has been in a warehouse for a year or two decomposing .
    Now again you have no idea what your nutrient levels are without doing a soil sample .

    My suggestion is buy a soil tester so you know for a fact what you need to add to you compost or soil .
    Good luck
  7. Your young plant has all the nutes it needs for right now, it depends on the type of soil you use. I use fox farm ocean / happy frog. They are good for about a month on feed, after that I feed weekly / depending on how plant respond. I’m on my first grow too from bag seeds. And I’m learning as well, but I have been having some great results so far (as far as I know) lol.

    I’m trying a few different training technics on different plant and leaving one as is, to see what it does naturally.

    One thing I’ve learned so far, make sure your PH is correct of your water..

    I use fresh lemon juice to lower ph of a gallon of distilled water. To around 6.2-.6.5.

    Use fox farm nutes the 3 pack. And also got some cal-mag nutes cause week 7 I noticed calcium / mag deficiency. Still have it a little, slowly fixing it, not trying to over do it.

    I’ve read everywhere to start with half the dose of recommend nutes on the bottle, as companies always put to much recommend.

    I feed about once to maybe twice a week, cause they are sucking water now like it’s nothing. I Water every day and I’m starting to feed every 3rd watering. I’m on the first week of this, so i’ll see how they respond.

    I flipped to 12/12 4 days ago.

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  8. Thank you everyone for your replies! Im about a month and 2 weeks in now nd have currently ran into a little problem, after I watered I noticed little tiny white bugs everywhere, they possibly may have been hidden in the dirt and the water made em come out. Any idea what these little bugs are? And how can I get rid of them? [​IMG][​IMG]

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