When should I harvest these nugs?

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    As you can see there is plenty of THC and trichs and stuff but the pistils aren't even orange and the calyxs aren't too swollen... still when to harvest, and what'll happen in the meantime?

    Sprouted 15th dec '11, first grow, help = +rep

  2. Any idea on strain/when it's supposed to be harvested and when did you flip to 12/12?
  3. No one who hasn't grown the exact strain and phenotype thereof can say for sure. It certainly has some time left. Close examination of the trichomes would help to judge when to harvest. When it appears to be nearing readiness, a proper quick-drying in a microwave will allow you to test the high and know for sure how ripening is progressing. Simply pluck a small piece from around the middle of the plant and zap for a couple seconds at a time on top of a paper towel that has been folded a few times. Stop the microwave the moment you see a tiny puff of steam and fan the bud a bit. Repeat until dry.
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    Big Bang, feminized... 12:12 was err probably about 4-6 weeks ago.

    I already smoked some earlier, its just like it says on the strain library, and I got a 20x scope to check but still, I'm a-wondering.

    EDIT: No microwave.
  5. my plants always take 9-10 weeks indica doms

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