When should I flower?

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  1. Hey everyone:smoke: I have a female (I hope, for it's sake :devious:) it is about 2'-2 1/2' tall should I flower?
    And how high should I expect it to grow?
  2. only flower when mother nature say so
  3. I have 3 other plants of various sizes???, all 4 including the one from my earlier question were seeded at the same time. They range in size from 10" to the largest at 2 1/2 feet. HOw did that happen? All are the same strain, Jack haere
  4. Well maybe I can help you... Usually a good bet is 4 weeks if you went 24-7 but some use 18-6 and so on and I mite let these for for an extra week. Another thing to concider is your hieght restriction. Know that your plants will almost double in hieght by the end of flowering. And lastly the amount of bud you want... look for your nodes that will produce buds... when you have what you think is enough then flower (haha no amount is ever enuf!) Also keeping in mind that some plants have the ability to switch sexes if left too long but i need to do more research on that... Im pretty sure if you got it from a stable breeder then it will be stable enuf not to switch sexes on you..... Im having the same type of problems with 2 of my plants. My blueberry isnt producing bud nodes just fan leaves so im debating to keep it on 24-7 or just switching the cycle and hoping for at least some buds.... good luck to you sir let me know if i helped or if you have neother ?'s (keep in mind a lot of people giving advice know nothing, only grow bunk shit, or idk im sure youve experienced this) GOODLUCK MY LIKEMINDED FRIEND
  5. oh and as for the hieght difference.... that will happen... the slightest thing can alter development... for example the plants i kept near the fan wernt growing as well but the stems got stronger then moving them to the back of my area they shot up. I know how you feel tho bc its like some plants are ready to flower and some just arnt and you dont want to waste a good seed and not see its full potential....
  6. THANKS!:smoking: Definitly gonna start to flower that one tommorow!! It's been vegging since the first week of a feb, they all have.
  7. Do you think there ready?
    The last shot I just threw in there cause it looks cool (cut them about 3 days ago, 9 in total)

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  8. haha same here bro, we were planting on the same day i bet... im set to do my harvesting between june 13th and july 2nd bc of the different strans... keep me posted and if you wanna check out mine its the dutch passion blueberry post

  9. This I the outdoor forum. 18-6 doesn't apply. Obviously you don't know much about growing
  10. and i'd wait alittle bit longer to flower so the plant gets bigger. It's looking a bit skrawny. And transplant it to another pot or in the ground
  11. disregard that last post. I didn't realize it was a vaccum cleaner. I'm on my iPhone so i didnt zoom in. But it looks fine to flower
  12. I mean I would have to say yes but thats b/c i have restrictions on light and height... your gonna have a big ass plant there! As far as your yeild will go... i havnt grown jack so i am not sure nor know the specs for the plant off hand w out looking it up. I would see if it gives an estimated height by the breeder and if so flower when its half that or so... but yea i think your ready... Im def use to the short plants tho
  13. It's bushier now, that pic was taken 4-5 days ago
  14. Hey asshole the post says when should he flower? I was assuming it was indoors all the way plus its indoors..... Yea i do know alot about this.... you mite not as i can see... and if he was asking when to flower in an outdoor sit and you were going to answer then you dont know much about life b/c you cant control the suns light cycle! Im sure ur post was useful tho... and so important you had to do it from your cell? Nice
  15. LOL< I want one of those :(
    Here's a better pic, same plant, date too just closer up. just for comp. it's me in the pic and I'm 5'9"
    PS notice the date in the pic :hello::smoking::hello:

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  16. Yea bro, esp if its filled out more now I think your good to go.... If you are transplanting to OUTSIDE as that ass said i would make sure your area isnt frosting anymore obvi b/c i know mine is... my outdoors start in like a month or so....
  17. Yes sir, by gosh i think your ready!
  18. Nah, She's staying inside where I can keep an eye on her, plus I don't think the landlord would be too impressed. :hippie:
    Anyone here ever grwon jack haere before?
  19. Sorry bout the bad typing, does too many bong hits cause dyslexia?? :rolleyes: LOL!

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