When should I flower? Need advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rhapsodyrcks, May 4, 2011.

  1. I kinda put myself in a bind. I started germinating 3 Autoflowering Afghan Kush Ryders..one in my grow journal..I have 4 white widows that are about day 35 of vegging. About 4 days ago installed my 400w HPS light (rocks by the way) and they have starting growing like crazy. There about 8 inches now. The issue I have is I have one grow tent.

    Prior to the tent set up I had them in a ghetto grow box where I had a billion CFLs and a LED Panel above them.

    My bind is when I start flowering and should I do that now?...I wont be able to use my grow tent for the Afgan's. I would love to use my HPS light for them.

    Should I start flowering now? If the Widows double or more then I would be happy with 16-20 inches. Should I just wait let the Widows go at it and use my old ghetto rig for my Afghanies?

    I have my timer when its set for 12/12 7am to 7pm dark 7pm to 7am light. It would be a pain in the ass to put the afghans in for only 12 hours and take them out.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Well, you're in a pickle... Afgans are autos...they need 18/6 or 24/0 light. The widows need the same to veg....but not flowering. WHat you can do is put all the plants in the tent, set the light to 24/0 and grow all of them until you harvest the afgan autos. then you can flower the widows.... but watch out man....when they flower they will 2x or 3x in size.... you dont wanna overgrow the tent...
  3. Thanks I kinda realized I was in a pickle after i did it...lol. I think I will grow my afghans in my ghetto box under CFLs and my LED Grow Panel then move them to my tent when my Widows are are all done. I started 12/12 on them yesterday. I might also just put them all in the tent and when there 12 of dark starts put them in the other box under CFLs. My 12/12 starts before I go to work so it won't be to bad.

    Lesson learned!

  4. Do what you can man...Check out my grow if you wanna see a good LED panel for vegging..Its a 240watt Blackstar :)

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