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When rolling a blunt do you use the whole cigar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by soserious, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Whenever i roll a blunt i always try to make it as fat as possible. And i tear off any extra paper. But i know people who will roll even .4 in a whole swisher. And they get mad if you try to throw away some of the tobacco paper.

    So what do you do? I like blunts. But i don't like putting too much tobacco in my lungs. I feel like it ruins the high.
  2. Almost always, sometimes I cut the length down like a cm but thats rarely... But then again I wont roll a blunt under 1g cause I feel like its wasting a dutch otherwise hahaha
  3. Why don't y'all just buy mini blunts/rillos?
  4. Yeah . If your going to smoke a blunt , you better roll alot cuz that tabacco is no bueno with only a lil bit of bud.
  5. I always roll at least a gram. But if i have only a gram i will cut down the paper by like a quarter. Sometimes more just depending on density. I like to have a really high weed to tobacco distribution.
  6. I roll
    Fat trees because I'm smoking mids lately
  7. I cut down the paper regardless if it .4 or 1g but I mostly roll .4s unless its mids or i feel like getting blown out my mind.
  8. I broke the cigar in half today and stuffed about 3 grams in it. It was perfect.

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