When no pipe or papers..WHAT DO YOU DO?

Discussion in 'General' started by GhostKid, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. damn, i ain't got no pipe or papers...i used my last philly, the store is like 20 miles away and my car ain't got no gas.. and i ain't Mcguiver...WHAT DO I DO?
  2. if i have nothing to smoke out of and i'm fiending, i just grab an apple or a soda can. not the most original thing, but if it gets me high, i'll use it! :)
  3. If you really don't know how to make ghetto bongs here is a quick rundown of how to make a can pipe. What you do is remove the metal tab on the mouthpiece, then make a dent in the middle of the can and poke a bunch of holes all close together (use a pin so the holes aren't too big). Just put the weed on the dent over the holes, light it up and hit it through the mouthpeice of the can. This is good in a pinch, but I've heard if you do it a lot you can get brain damage and shit.

  4. that's some McGuiver type shit..would i feel anything if i used a couple layers of the white part in gum wrappers?..i figured like 4 or 5 papers could be alright..i'm in a grind
  5. just use a soda can dude, its so easy, you can't make a dent and poke holes?
  6. an apple pipe with a faucet screen is a pretty respectable ghetto pipe.. and you wont even have alzheimers in 20 years!

    basically just poke 2 connected holes with a pencil- make one the mouth, and put your screen (can be poked out of a sink) over the other hole.. oh so smooth :D:D!
  7. Make a pipe out of tin foil, the foil isn't really the best but it works.
  8. Use a toilette paper or paper towel roll and a little tinfoil. Works the same way as the can without the metal taste!!
  9. buy a pipe...u can get a cheap one for 5 bux...then u never need to worry about this again
  10. you dont have notebook paper or little notepads or computer paper lying around? use that!
  11. Use the paper wrapper from a tampon.

    Hey, it works!

  12. DONT use that unless you like smoking thick ass bleached paper.. and i dont think you would
  13. bubble gum wrappers are fine dude..if rolling is your main thing then go for it..you can use honey as a glue and it bruns nice and sweet...otherwise go with the can

  14. hey, it's better than aluminum foil.....or he could always make brownies :D no papers required (except those the recipe are written on :))

  15. It's saved me many a time...


  16. ehh, both are evil.. the tampon is good though :D

    mmm.. brownies..

  17. i beg of you, DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF ALUMINUM...im starting a crusade against aluminum..i used aluminum can to make a screen for my bong, and it almost killed me, i thought my brain was freezing solid, and i shit and puked at the same time so i thought i was fixing to explode...and now that i bought some screens, no more dead experiences...oh...use telephone book paper..realllly good..or some altoids paper..or if your really desperate ,bible paper

  18. ROFLMAO. thats probably how the pope tokes. hehe :D
  19. Its been so long since smoking out of foil. Ack , Foil! Anyways, this is what I do if I'm out of papes and don't have a pipe on hand. I take a can of pop, empty if out. Poke a whole on the opposit side of the mouthpeice. I take a pen, and take it all apart so I have the tube. I then take a socket from a socket wrench that'll fit in the pen. Make sure the things air tight. Put it in the whole of the can and tape it up so thats airtight. Fill with water and u got a handheld bong that can fit in your pocket.

    Or you can do what this guy did, you try to figure it out.

  20. ditto. I've done that as well.

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