when little girls like you (wierd thread, dont judge)

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  1. I'm talking ones that are 11-15. I know we all remember that age, when feelings of liking someone are very real feelings. I just fucking hate it when they like me, and you know they do because you catch them staring at you and then they look shyly away and blush. I'm very aware that they are natural feelings for them, but its still just an awkward situation. I can't go chat them up like I would with girls my age (18), but they aren't young enough that you can just overlook it and say they are just being children cause they aren't anymore at that age. What do you guys do when that shit happens? Do you confront them about it? Do you ignore it and try not to think about it? I would NEVER EVER do anything with kids of that age, so no pedophile comments, I'm just wondering. I think its kind of funny too. :p

    Aww fuck I'm gonna get hated on bad.
  2. Little girls go fucking crazy dude, I know what you mean. But just don't talk to them, I know whenever this happens to me I don't look at them, I don't want them getting any wrong vibes. Nah' waht im sayin'
  3. There's no point in confronting kids that young, just be an adult and walk away.
  4. Yea that's also what I'm worried about too, that anything I say to them or don't say to them will mess up their development mentally :/
  5. walk away dude
  6. i just ignore them.
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    Back when I worked at the Y, we were getting ready to go swimming, so I was wearing trunks. I cut the netting out of my trunks because it's uncomfortable. Well, this little girl (5 y/o) was talking to me, and she pulled my pants leg out and looked up my shorts. I didn't know what to do, so I just walked away, lol.

    In relation to the OP, you can talk to them; it's not like you nor they want to sex her nor you up.

    I'm talking about like your friends little sister or something.

    But if this is just randomly in a store or some shit, don't fucking just walk up to an 11 y/o you don't know and start talking to them, lol.
  8. You could just be friendly, smile alot and make them feel confident. It wouldn't kill you to make someone feel good just by being nice and approachable. That has nothing to do with anything sexual.
  9. lol. what the F OP...???
  10. [quote name='"Tomber"']You could just be friendly, smile alot and make them feel confident. It wouldn't kill you to make someone feel good just by being nice and approachable. That has nothing to do with anything sexual.[/quote]

    This is true, but you don't want them getting any wrong ideas.

    I would just act like you dont know whats up OP. You don't want to confront them because thats a sensitive age for those kinds of feelings. However, they will soon realize what is appropriate and what isn't.
  11. these chicks are fucking guys your age already my man
  12. I was talking about this one family friend who is almost 12 particularlly, who I saw at thanksgiving and she was fucking laughing at anything I did or said, blushing if I would look at her. just made me really uncomfortable, so I just wouldn't look at her or say much to her. If it was some person I didn't no then hell no that wouldn't bother me, just when I know them. If they are under 10 I can ignore it without a problem, its just the fact that it was not long ago at all that I was their age, so its weird.
  13. Little chicks just want the dick

  14. Don't leave out the part how every night before bed you beat it thinking about her bro. Clearly this issue is bothering you & on your mind since you made a thread about it. Its okay man, you can talk to us!
  15. Just hit it and quit it dude

  16. There always is that one immature person in these threads. Congratulations. :rolleyes:
  17. [quote name='"BlowTreeAllDay"']Just hit it and quit it dude[/quote]

    I lold.

    When I was 13 I hooked up with an 11 year old, I didn't even start anything she just came onto me very strongly. If I was 15 at the time I wouldn't have done it, I would've just been like "you're a very pretty girl but you're way too young for me. Go find a nice guy your age and knock em dead!" or something encouraging and older brother like
  18. Are you really asking me what Id do in your situation?

    Id smash..... past the cervix!

  19. fucking rofl
  20. I know plenty of 14 / 15 year olds that fuck with 17-19 year olds. Kinda gross in my opinion, but it can be genuine. Also, in a few places even a 4 year gap is legal ;)

    Edit: But anything younger than 15 is really just disgusting IMO, I find it appropriate for 18 year olds to have relationships with say 16 year olds tho

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