When is the best time to use E?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by je5ter, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I have one pill left and I'm trying to decide when I should use it. When is the best time to use E?? Any suggestions where or when? These rolls are pretty bomb :smoke::D
  2. Amusement parks, Waterslides, Raves, parties, concerts, beaches,

    Anything that is normally really fun pretty much.
  3. right now sounds good :D
  4. E isn't really the kind of drug where environment is so key (unlike acid), so basically drop your roll anywhere u feel like you'll be conformtable. Although things like concerts and raves/festivals would be great to roll at, just dropping a roll and chillin at your haus with some buds and some tree will make for a just as nice evening

  5. Yeah thats exactly what I did with the other pills I had, I just chilled with my homies in my house smoking some bud. It was an amazing time to say the least. but I just wanted to try it out somewhere else like a sick ass party or with a bunch of people or concerts or raves like you said
  6. What kind is it, haha, Im just curious

  7. It's a yellow xbox. not the best but there pretty good
  8. Rave, party, concert, or 4 hours of sex
  9. a girlfriends house ;)
  10. breakfast time.
  11. raves. why do you think ecstasy use runs so rampant at raves? the trippy lights, loud techno music, other people rolling, dancing, and girls all help to make the experience truly amazing.

    if you can find a rave at a beach with some girls youll have a helluva time. gaurenteed.

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