When is it OK to physically strike a women?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GolgiApparatus, May 28, 2010.

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  1. Under what circumstances would you consider it ok to physically strike/assault/hit a women. To the point where she has a black eye or something...

  2. 1. If she has a weapon
    2. Wants to talk shit and fight like a man, then they get treated like one
    3. If they're 300 pounds or over.

    Otherwise I don't really believe in hitting women maybe a slap but that's about it.
  3. The fuck?
    I don't even fight with people well people never want to fight me cus I'm all good vibes.

    If you're really thinking of hitting a girl then you need to rethink some shit
    There's always a way out of your problems that don't need violence.

    It's never okay to hit a girl.

    Edit if they have a weapon I might but event hen I'd try to diffuse the situation
    It never comes out good in the end to strike a woman
  4. If she is attacking you with a weapon, physical self defence may be needed. I'm talking more man handling not laying into her.

    And in bed if that's what she's into ;) Nobody can deny that one.
  5. if the sandwich takes anymore than 10 minutes to make. :p

    but seriously.. IMO a girl would have to be completely out of control for me to even think about hitting her. I mean like insane with weapon in hand.. charging.

    it think it also depends on the girl.

    are we talking this?


    or this?

  6. HAHAHA AW I wouldn't even fight China doll I'd lay a turd and run! :eek:
  7. If she's threatening my life, I'll neutralize the threat.
    This doesn't mean killing her.
    This doesn't mean beating her in the face.
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    looks like a man a fight like a man it can get hit like a man is what i herd

    edit: i dont mean beating the shit out of her though just like hold them down or a good pimp slap if shes going all out

  9. We are talking any human being with a female anatomy idk

    if that little asian chick was charging at you screaming korean obscenities with a butterfly knife? (which she is proficient at)

  10. This is by far the funniest post I have read on these forums yet, and I've been spent hundreds of hours here. +REP. :laughing:
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    when she has you in a bear hug from the back and is biting the shit out of your back... that is when it is okay to lay a bitch out. wish i woulda known that at the time... i didnt do shit back to her... i just wanted my stuff back.

    oh yeah, she punched me in the face too a few times too... damn im a little bitch.
  12. In all cases possible, I'd try and hold her down and restrain her till she's calm.
    If that's not an option and she could potentially do me some damage, if she had a weapon or was going all psycho-bitch on me without me preparing myself, I'd hit her once or twice so I can restrain her with ease.

  13. Man, you got it down to a science. I laughed at 3.
  14. Only time I'd hit a girl is if she was trying to kill me other than that the worse I'd do is just tell her to get the fuck out
  15. I've never hurt a woman in an altercation, such as a black eye or bloody nose, but I've had them suddenly go crazy on me, as in coming at me intending to do harm, trying to choke me, etc., so I gave them a good slap in the face to make them stop.
  16. If I thought I was in imminent danger, I'd subdue her. I wouldn't beat her ass or anything.

    I've avoided so many fights with all sorts of people by just using words. The only time I ever came close to hitting a girl was one time in highschool this bitch slapped me in the back of the head as hard as she could. I saw stars and was about to get up and do something when a damned cop stepped up and almost hauled ME off... guess it was good he stepped in I was pretty pissed.
  17. yeah it would take a lot more than words for me to hit anyone.. never mind a chick.
  18. never.ever.ever.
  19. for serious self defense, thats it.
  20. honestly.. i'd run away LOL :eek:
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