When Is Enough Enough?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 2packush420, Aug 3, 2014.

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    I swear to god it seems like everyday now there is a police brutality case. This shit is getting out of hand and makin me so mad. When are we going to finally put our foots down, as citizens, and take back our rights.

    When we see a situation like Eric Garner, people need to intervene and show the cops who is really in charge. When will people stand up for themselves and say no to this bullshit?
    I agree completely with your concern and passion.
    But I don't see any change coming until MASSES of people start protesting in the streets, and pouring into their city halls and police stations, effectively shutting them down.
    And then, as is typical of government, they may make some cosmetic or superficial changes to "please the masses."
    As Patrick Henry said, paraphrased, nobody will give up power voluntarily. REAL change won't happen, IMO, until individual cops are held accountable for their crimes, and they pay hefty fines with their PERSONAL money and/or spend some REAL time in jail -- where all violent criminals belong.
    Of course all of the civil service unions will stand in the way of this.
  3. It's tough when you have just as many shitty cops as good ones. Just be thankful you live in a country where you can complain about your cops and HAVE free speech, because in many other countries you would be prosecuted and given an unfair trial, and probably killed.

    I agree with Fizzly, if you want to make change you have to hold individual officers accountable for their actions, no one above the law.

    Either way I would hate to be a cop.
  4. This isn't an attack directed at you, but I hate when people use that argument. I refuse to accept the current situation, just because it's worse in other parts in the world.
  6. This. It's insane to me that when a citizen (or their surviving family) successfully sue for the damages due to an officer's negligence and/or malice, the officer doesn't pay a dime to them, the city does! Absolutely crazy.
    The lack of accountability for the police is a rather scary thing. The difference between a thug with a gun and a badge and a thug with a gun and no badge is minimal, but the punishments for each of them vary wildly in most instances, it seems.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9_6jGHpy5w
    "Obama has decimated the Constitution, we don't have to follow that anymore" :laughing:
  8. About 100 years ago? Fucking Woodrow Wilson... 
  9. that's about as long as you were last here
    good to see you
    How can you forget that av?
  11. President Peace Prize bombing some more brown skinned people will bring me out of the woodwork.
  12. Is this really entirely president obamas fault. I mean I'm no big Obama fan but I think this goes way beyond Obama. This is the result of many years of government intrusiveness and ignoring the problem of police brutality. I think this as well as many other factors have led to a percentage of our police officers thinking they are above the law and constitution. Keep in mind this isn't every officer or a majority but there are probably a shit ton like this ass hole.
  13. Gah limecats got me wishing for more piece bombings
  14. Obama is the commander in chief so yes. Ultimatly aanything the us bombs is 100% up to him. He can so no if he wants

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    That just seems like a scapegoat to me. I think you're giving him way more power than the man actually has. He doesn't control the entire government or local police departments. He has definitely set policies which aggravate this problem and have lead to some issues, but to blame him for everything is just ignorant in my opinion. We should blame our government as a whole and not just the figurehead. That's all I'm saying. Also the people are partially to blame in this problem. If there was more civil unrest and people talking out against police brutality more than we would see some change, but that's not gonna happen and we'll continue to have one of these threads posted every week until people start to do something about it.
  16. The problem is "the state," not with any of the people within it. You can change ALL the people who pull the state levers but you will still have the state, and will still have all of the problems that come with it.
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    The president of the united states.does not have that much power you are right.

    But they do have command over the military.

    While.Obama might be under pressure, ultimately the Buck stops at him when it comes to military decisions.

    So in the case of bombing another country, yes, Obama has the sole authority to end it

    As for the second part of your post.

    I believe apathy is caused by security and comfort.

    As long as the majority of Americans have food and shelter, electricity and water, they will never be.motivated to take action no matter how bad this shit gets

    Revolution always happens right at the ppoint where the people are literally fighting for survival.

    Americans wont ever care enough about shitty condition in the third world, to actually use force to change it. We will try to do it the lazy way from within the system, until we also become clear victims of the system.

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  18. Who will be the first martyr?

    Please stand up.
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    EDIT: For you young whippersnappers, "Back in the USSR" was a Beatles song in the '60s.

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