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When is a bowl finished?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PhilipZBanks, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. I recently began smoking, and I picked up a ceramic pipe from Grasscity as my first piece, but I'm not sure when I should stop smoking a bowl. I usually stop when the ground up bud turns completely black, but is there a definite visual way to tell? I don't want to waste weed.
  2. When its completely ash?
  3. there is a distinct taste difference when you are just smoking ash. you may also notice ash will not stay lit as long and you will get less smoke. if you take a good hit and breath out hardly any ash it is probably time to ash
  4. stick your finger in it and see if you feel anything hard (which is weed) once the top gets ashy looking if you dont taste the difference.

    Or you will know for sure when you suck in a fireball (weed still on fire) but you dont wanna do that
  5. when the flame just flickers over your bowl, theirs nothing there for it to light. look for it the next time you smoke maan
  6. That black stuff you're probably just throwing out is still smoke-able. Just dont hit the white ash
  7. The weed may look black on the top but that doesnt mean there isnt weed on the bottom! dont throw it out if its black, the ash will be like white, and you will be able to tell, nexttime you smoke, pack a tight bowl and keep hitting it until you tatse nasty ash and you will know. lol
  8. Just hit the pipe untill you get no more smoke.
    or till..
    It tastes like dirt.
  9. At first you should go by when it's completely ash (when nothing else will light)

    But after a while it's easier to go by taste. When you've been smoking for a while, I don't care about the miniscule amount of THC left over by getting rid of a bowl that tastes nasty.
  10. Thanks for the info. I couldn't find anything about this with Google.
  11. Just hit it untill its all ash.
  12. once you see the grey (ash) crap all in your bowl... it's cashed :) you can still hit it when it's black, sometimes I even rotate my bowls..
  13. Remember this's easy.
    "If It's Black, Put it Back,
    If it's Gray, Throw it Away!"
  14. when its white
  15. The one thing is that if your bud is not well cured (i.e. alot of outdoor) then the ash will not turn white but this rarely happens and is usually only with regs
  16. This is what I consider the progression of a bowl.

    Green > Black > White/grey.

    Once it turns into that grey colour, it means it's ash, and it's time for a new bowl. Depending on the size of the bowl, though, there could be unfinished weed at the bottom. The more you smoke the more you'll notice and you'll get the hang of it.

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