when im high

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  1. dude! my ceilings are really low, i can easily reach them. so i pretend thers no gravity and hold on to my roof and fake bounce off of stuff. basically i pretend im 7. it is really fun :D
  2. me and my buddy got high on top of one of the buildings at our college and nobodys supposed to be up there so he was trying so hard not to be seen he was creeping around like fucking spiderman lol

  3. Awesome!!! :hello: I wanna do that too!!! :smoke:
  4. When I'm high, I like to listen to drum and bass and watch my screensaver play pong with itself. OR watch Baby TV with DnB really really loud.
  5. youre my kind of man even tho im a dude...rock on :smoke:
  6. This story made me lol! a lot :)

  7. [​IMG]

  8. That picture totally killed my buzz
  9. the adventures of choo choo in domestic wilderness...:smoke:
  10. GrEat nnnews guys..., im fukin goners right now!(?) so f*** high wow stoned wow lolrofl lmao!!!
  11. OP: congradulations on acting like a 5 year old

    when im high i like to do horrible evil things, like rape people and murder them because weed is an awful drug and sends me into crack like psychosis

  12. Don't you have to go be abducted by aliens?
  13. I was hungover as balls this morning, smoked a bowl, and I feel like jesus

    ...thats my story

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