when im high

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mattlloyd, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I walk through my house with a joint pretending to be a train engine, I sound the air horn blow to streams of smoke out of my nostrils ALL ABOARD:wave:
  2. oh my god dude, that story was so intense.
  3. *rotflmfao!!!!!* OMG I'd love to be ur neighbor and happen to walk by and ur in the window doin that! *dies laughing* that's awesome!!!!
  4. Dude.... teach me.
  5. when im high i like to pretend to be a ninja, when im home alone ans sneek around the house. oh i also like to watch family guy.
  6. when I'm high I pretend I'm in space. Then I closes my eyes and giggle like I'm 8
  7. When I'm high I like to walk around the house naked :D
  8. When I'm high, I pretend i'm sober just so i can smoke another bowl.
  9. i'm high as fuck and when i read this i busted out laughing LMFAO!!!!! :smoking:
  10. When I'm high I jam to some good music and watch trippy videos on youtube
  11. best post ever :hello:
  12. honestly it really wasn't that funny at all
  13. ^ Don't do it with Buzz Killington around

  14. When I'm high I like to be high.
  15. When im high i like to pretend im a fucking jelly bean . :smoke:
  16. when i am high my extremities become weightless and i feel like a ghost walking around :smoke:
  17. the only thing funny in this thread is how everyone thinks the op is funny :eek:

  18. fuck yeah plus rep !!!
  19. When im blazed i love listening to music about weed...haha

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