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When I smoke weed, the flap at the back of my throat swells up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Biorapter2321, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. After I smoke any product with thc my epiglottis (little flap at the back of your throat) starts swelling and is extremely uncomfortable. Basically I have the same symptoms of epiglottist but its not exactly the same, I'm only affected in my throat and I'm certain this isnt a bacterial thing. I can't find any other cases like this. It doesn't matter what I smoke out of or how much I smoke. Quitting is an option but if there are other I am open to suggestions
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  2. Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Try edibles and then if that works try vaping.

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  4. I found that interesting. I Goggled a bit.
    The symptom is quite serious and according to MayoClinicOnline,
    can be caused by;
    • Smoke drugs, such as crack cocaine
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    I'm not to worried, it's more annoying than harmful to me. this has been off and on for 1-2 months now, the first time (after a decent size dab) thought i pushed a piece of my Adam's apple in my throat lol, I also dont do any other drugs, I do vape and occasionally smoke a cigarette but without any affect on my throat.
  6. It's quiet simple really isn't it don't smoke weed if it gives you negative effects lol
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  7. That's what I was planning on, but I still figured I should reach out to see if this is happening to others
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  8. I ran into Psychedelic Sam"s tincture thread a few years ago and haven't smoked since.

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  9. Water Water and Water. How do you do with water usually especially around when your smoking? I take a lot of dabs and if i dont drink enough water I get a similar feeling. Definitely not every time tho.

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