When i did photography :)

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  1. Didn't wanna ruin a thread by posting these so thought i would just ruin mine :wave:

  2. Love the pink sunset one and the last one of the flower... why don't you do it anymore?
  3. And whats your excuse for stopping, too good or something lol... you need to jump back on the wagon, these pics are epic man!!!!
  4. I'm more into porn now.

    :laughing: seriously though i gave it up for music :) the *real* world doesn't support photography man people just don't get it anymore and the more i get into it the more it would be hard to let go.

    so i gave it all for music and now even that is fading away :'( i'm really upset with my self.
  5. nice, I really like the first 1 of the subway
  6. The one with the sidewalk and raindrops is bad ass dude. It looked like an oil painting when I first saw it.
  7. Mint bro. Awesome. Any more?
  8. Good shit dude, you shouldn't have stopped ;)
  9. That's right mafucka :laughing:

    hahaha i'm really surprised you guy think it's ok, thanks a lot it really means much to me :)

    Doin at the booowling alley.

  10. Is it just me, or did the same guy design every bowling alley.
  11. Hahahahah i was just thinking of how similar this bowling alley is to a couple of more from where i live.
  12. Here are a couple of more :) feels like my own personal album thread, awesome.

  13. Moved to artists corner for more feedback from users who don't recognize me ;)
    Might actually by a new camera after all :D
  14. So sick with it. This is legitimately inspirational for me to go out and take more.
  15. You have a number of solid shots man. The world may not support you if you're not doing commercial photography, but don't do it for the money man. Do it for yourself. You definitely have a talent for it. I would entirely recommend you pick up a camera again. Don't worry about anything other than the fun you have with it. Just keep it a hobby.
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    If I would have known about you I would have supported you........kinda like what your doing now. I play music when I can myself. And I get to meet them myself. Never give up for something else with the same risk. Just think of if as recording where your going.don't stop sharing demands support :D
  17. I like your work but having a following isn't the same as having a strong portfolio

    So to make monies you need to focus on your direction.then get known enough for people to pay attention and be exclusive to a vision that people find worth paying for. People buy when you give them something they really like
  18. A person who actually has skill in photography, real skill.
    See so many kids with their iPhone, fucking "HD Photography productions of a cunt" etc

    This is some top shit, probably the best I've ever seen (as I'm not into photography)

    Fucking NICE dude.
    Real nice.

    Definitely understand why you'd change to music, everyone listens to music.
    Barely anyone views photography and such.
  19. What music you get into man?
  20. hahahh fanks ruca ruca.

    thanks a lot jaurk man i'm really glad you like it :)
    thanks again.

    I'v always been a metalhead growing up until i was so deep into it that i started finding jazz and blues and from there my passion was more into classical music from albinoni to hadjikas, then idm would always get me in the zone while some smooth jazzy rap would fi the mood.

    Technically i just appreciate talent in every sound.

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