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When i collect enough keif, what do i do then?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blueschill, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. when you cant see metal and all you see is keif then you have enough. and sprinkle a bit over bowl packs.
  2. it was not a lot but when i saw my first bit of keif , i must b honest, i got a little excited like a school Ive read on this forum here its quite strong?
  3. what i do is, smoke a bowl of reg weed to ashes, leave the ashes in there.

    flatten the ashes just a tiny bit, not pushing them down into the bowl, and drop all your kief on top of that.

    ash screen son.

    smoke that shit.
  4. ^^ I do that as well, or I sprinkle it on top of bowls / joints
  5. make hash
  6. hell yeah +rep:D great sugestion
  7. thats also how i do snaps after a bowl when i'm too lazy to empty it and shit.
  8. This. Get yourself a cheap pollen press and make some hash ;)
  9. Don't forget the penny!
  10. I dont see the point in making hash from kief since its already so potent, just pack it in with your weed
  11. Hash is a fuckier high , either way u can't go wrong .. As long as u don't drop It on the floor or something cause then ur fucked
  12. Most of the appeal is that it's just easier to handle than a bunch of powder sitting in your grinder.
  13. I use a grinder very similar to that one. Two floors. But I found out that the screen isn't really that efficient. Because it only peeks through small holes. I ended up removing the screen so the bud stores it self in the bottom floor.

    Does it happen to you? I feel it doesn't catch as much kief as it should.
  14. If you have an old grinder, grab a new tooth brush and clean it over a cutting board or plate. Scrape into a pile with a credit card.
  15. I tried this once, it all just pulled through :( never again

    And yes, I utilized a plug nug hoping to prevent this tragedy...sadly, to no avail.
  16. I have this same exact grinder haha I used it for a couple months, put at least a half pound in there by now and haven't gotten more than I'd say a gram of kief. It's not that great of a grinder tbh; now I have an aerospaced grinder which catches kief way better and have only been using it for 2 weeks and have like .2g worth of kief which is pretty good imo
  17. When I have a lot of kief I usually make a supercharge joint with friends. Big joint and all the kief I accumulated. Make awesome joints. Here is a picture of my last supercharge for new years eve

    The rolled product was around 3-4g

  18. I make a sammich bowl. Weed keif weed. Then I smoke that shit. Mmm

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