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  1. Im running DWC
    Fox Farm neuts
    1 month old
    3rd week first added 1/4 of neuts
    I dont have a PPM (I live in a 3rd world country :( )

    I have read many ways people do it, but still a little confused. So my question is this. Do I had full strength neuts to the water 2x a week, or should I change the water everytime I add neuts?

    First time grower and first time Hydro, so as you can imagine, its been a lot of trial and error on my part. Mostly battling PH. She has had a rough start, PH lock out for a week, but she seems to be fighting back. What a learning experience
  2. show pictures helps, whats the concentration of your fertilizer?
  3. U REALLY need a TDS meter or you will always be guessing at your solution strength. (they are available online and will ship to you I would think)

    I empty my res every week (give or take a day) and refill and add new nutes to the PPM level I know they can handle based on their growth stage. I add ONLY water between res changes as the level drops.
    Some guys have posted here that they dont purge their res nearly as often but I think it is the way to go.
  4. I changed the water and bumped up neuts to 1/2. Being 1month and small, Im concerned that the earlier ph challenges has affected her ability to grow properly. Ph levels are in check now, and will buy a tds meter tomorrow. She is showing rapid growth now in terms of leaf size.(the yellow tips are from last weeks ph lock out) Is she recoverable? looks kind of funky-mutated

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    back off on the nute strength

    1/2 of what the fox farm bottle says should be the MAX you reach over the plants entire life, especially in hydro/dwc

    so, when it's that young, you will probably get nute burn

    those burnt tips are actually nute burn from just 1/4 strength

    fox farm is potent stuff

    the twisted leaves is what happened because of the ph issues

    in hydro you have to make sure you ph is in line every day since the plants react very quickly to their water, bad or good

    she is definitely recoverable........run 1/8th strength nutes or even less if you can

    if you are running tap water that has not been completely purified by reverse osmosis, you can run just water with no nutes for a week, so that she can recover

    also yeah, a tds/ec/ppm/anything type of meter is fairly necessary for hydro and would be able to prove to you what i said
  6. thanks for the feedback, Fox Farm also recommends feeding twice a week, where I have been doing it once. Should I stick with once a week? I'm thinking this is where the TDS meter comes into play huh
  7. Some people just top off with regular water and pH it daily. Others like to top off nutes as well. Really just a preference. You're going to go through a lot more nutes if you top those off as well (obviously).
  8. Since I have been coming to GrassCity the medicine is getting better and better for a year now. I grew some gasoline weed that got you high but taste like shit and if there is anything you need is a PH tester (I use a drop tester and cheap PPM tester cost $40)

    Good luck

  9. Woah, very very small for 1 month old. You have serious issues there.
    Looks like a temp and humidity problem.
    What Temp, RH, and PH you running at?
  10. What's the optimal pH for a bubble bucket grow?
  11. Def small. Not sure if he has nute burn on the tips or if its jus wayy too hot in his room.

    SEARCH. 5.5-6.5 is what u will find.


  12. Thanks. I actually did but I get conflicting information from here and rollitup.
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    There is TONS of conflicting info, just do what you thinks best and adapt if they show signs of stress. Id still say under 75F is too low, and 90F is max. PH for Hydro Should be 5.5 - 6.0 , and soil 6.0 - 6.5 . There are so many factors to consider, its impossible to ever grow exactly the same as another. You just need to adapt to what your plants are telling you.

    I can almost guarantee this plant wont survive much longer, unless you change the environment its in. Like shit, the Nutes at this stage is being bumped to 1/2 by the OP. Within a week or so, it will be dead at this size without question.

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