When Gas Ends...

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  1. When do you guys think it'll happen?2012?I wonder if we'll have a viable alternative fuel/energy source by the time that we run out of petroleum.If not i expect some severe rioting.What do you guys think?
  2. I'm kinda hoping that the absolute tanking of the Big Three will jump start the alternative fuel revolution.
  3. We wont run out of petroleum in our lifetimes as I recall. One of the tar-sand fields or whatever they are called is predicted to have enough to run our country, or the world, I forget, for around 80 years. We are just running out of the cheap stuff.
  4. It will run out i think right as im about to die. i figure if im lucky i might get 40more years! 20 ima say itll happen round 2050-2055
  5. We've got the technology right now. The biggest obstacles are the bureaucracy of the oil companies and the logistics of changing all the gas stations into service stations of whatever alternative fuel becomes the standard.

    The reasons why it's not happening right now are many: An electric motor won't be as powerful as a combustion engine and would have slower acceleration and probably a lower top speed. An efficient electric car would probably be much lighter than your current Ford Explorer and would be a death trap out on the highway. Third of all, no one took the initiative to make them because it was a risk and SUVs were a sure thing.
  6. It wont run out If anything we can just tap into Alaska's huge oil base but for now the USA is deciding to use Foreign oil just incase anything xrazy happens ..... Damn cheap mofo's.
  7. what the fuck..? 2012? is that the only thing youre gonna put there regarding the subject and expect it to explain itself?

    GAS IS GONE!! 2012!!!!!:rolleyes:
  8. you got to have POWER!!

  9. When gas ends...Ill ride my bike
  10. dont think it will run out

    ay but im from 805 too =]... down here in ojai

  11. Hey, thats Canadas oil sands you're talking about.. and ya can't have it all for yourselves.

    Also nothing will happen on 2012, except retarded fanatics doing retarded things to fulfill some retarded prophecy that they themselves retardedly made up and followed.
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    i have legs, ill just use them instead
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    I doubt it will ever run out, it will just get so expensive to use that we'll be forced to turn to a green alternative. As it heads below $2/gal again I guarantee the hummer drivers are firing up they're 2mpg planet killers.
  14. We can go to horses or just use bikes and lose weight instead of sitting there and pressing something that moves us while we just sit there and stare outside the car.
  15. I think we can find a happy medium between a 2mpg gas hog and a horse and buggy. :rolleyes:
  16. NEVER



  17. i'd ride a horse

  18. Maybe thats why gas prices are falling, it's a plan by the Illuminati to rid the world of gas even faster, in order to force new technology on the people, eventually working towards the new world order.
  19. Come on man, don't turn low gas prices into a bad thing now haha :p
  20. If that's the case the NWO must not meet in a coastal city.. unless they secretly have invested in huge amounts of scuba stock :eek:

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