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when for males

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by sam2020, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. Hi

    I'm growing 8 plants in a hydrpponics set up with a 400 w lamp in the loft. As males are my worry, when will I bel able to tell which ones are males?????

    Currently they are 2 weeks and on the 24 light cycle and about 2-3 inches high

    Growing Northern lights & Afghan

    any advice appreciated!!

  2. you'll know after you trigger flowering by adjusting the lights to 12/12.......and maybe a week or 2 into it......Peace out....Sid
  3. Depends. Where did you get your seeds? If you bought them from a company, it should say the ratio of male to female. Some companys sell packs of 10 seeds that are all female. But usually you can tell just by looking at them about a 4-8 weeks into growing. Females have hairs, and males have little balls or pockets of pollen, which won't open until they are ready or forced open. You should have a maximum of a week to seperate the males from the females. And even if you do have males, you can cut them down early and smoke those puppies. :) hope that answers your question.

  4. thanks but wot do ua mean by smoke those puppies, I thougth the males weren't worth it

    thanks for the tips
  5. males aren't worth the bother to smoke....they'll just give you a sore head.......Peace out.......Sid
  6. Hell its weed, if I grow it then i'm gonna smoke it!
  7. Smoke the males if you want to. I gave them a try myself, but once you have smoked properly grown female buds, you will kill the males without a thought. Distinguishing the sex of a plant, once you have seen both is ridiculously easy. The fact that this is the most common problem for first - time growers surprises me, just think balls-male-hairs female, you will know.
    Lots of luck.
  8. I read on another thread you can extract hash from males is there any weight to this? I just kick the boy out of my room.

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  9. Yes its True that u can make hash out of male plants.
    There are a lot of different ways of doing, and im sure if u look around in thes forums theres a post about "Bubble hash" and how to make it.
    Males have Equal percentages of THC in their leaves etc,So when u make hash it will have a higher percentage of THC,maybe 60-70%,because most of the plant is thrown away and youre left with a small amount of hashand if you want to make that more potent you can make "Hash-oil" which is very potent.
    But if you made hash out of female Buds,then u probably wouldnt bother with males anymore,

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