When exactly is a seedling not considered a seedling anymore?

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  1. The reason and only reason I ask is because I am using CFL's for a grow and the way I am applying the bulbs is like so:

    The first week is just one 42 watt CFL (2,700 lumens)
    The second week will be three 42 watt CFL's (8,100 lumens)
    And the third week all of the CFL's I am using will be in use. [Six 42 watt CFL's (16,200 lumens)

    From what I know a seedling shouldn't get more than just that one bulb at first, they are delicate. So I don't want to add too many bulbs onto her like I did my last seedling and kill her with too much light and/or heat.

    The question I am trying to ask is, how many sets of new growth does it take for a seedling to not be called a seedling anymore?
    How many sets of growth should she have when putting the 3 CFL's on her?
    And how many sets of growth for when I want to put the rest of them on her?

    Please I just want simple answers to the questions I have actually asked, not some random side tip, or your own story. Just answer it how I asked, please.

    Sorry, I am not trying to be a dick or rude, just tired of some of the answers I get on here that aren't even being referred to the questions I asked.

  2. I would say 10 days.

    It doesn't matter how much light you give them, I sprout seeds under a 1kw. It's the heat that can kill them so as long as you've got a fan on them they should be fine.
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    ......its a seedling till it starts new leaves.......then its a plant in veg........from the moment they lift their little heads out of the coco......they get full light 1200-1800w in veg.....a stretched out seedling is a sad thing to see........keep em short and fat......
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    there is no detailed definition I don't think, so your answers are going to have some variation. For me I guess I would say once a pair of leaves span about 4 or 5 inches I would stop calling it a seedling. This would be about 2 weeks of good growth.

    You can add more bulbs from day one if you want, but the plant is unlikely to benefit from the extra ones. It shouldn't be harmed by them as long as they aren't too close
  5. When does the plant benefit from the extra lighting?
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    I was told it's no longer a seedling when the 4th node starts to grow. That was some years ago when I asked though. I'm sure that didn't change BUT as far as answering ur question I don't think there is a right answer exactly.

    Also, just advice that was given to me. Don't think too hard about it. Your plant will let you know when something is wrong. When it does treat it. Just don't over treat it.

    Since I stopped paying my crop sooooooo much attention I do a lot better with my grows.

    Let it just grow like the weeds outside.

    Sorry, I just thought, unless u r in dwc then much attention may be needed.

    Also if you are using inorganic nutes it may not be so autopilot.
  7. I consider it veg once you get fan leaves with 5 fingers
  8. When it's able to process more light. This will be around a week of good growth when using a 42w bulb, but you would still get good growth for two weeks, maybe even more. But it will likely benefit from extra light once it's a week old
  9. It's in veg at the moment of germination. Vegging is simply a term meaning growing without flowering
  10. I stop calling them seedlings after the cotlyedon leaves have served their purpose and fell off.
  11. So basically adding any extra light the first week besides the 1 42watt is useless.

    I have the cotyledon, the first set of leafs, and the second set is now growing out from the middle. It's an auto so it'll grow a bit quicker

  12. My cotyledons usually stay on until the trunk has gotten so wide it tears them in half, on autos, this can be during flowering
  13. I've never seen that. I hardly ever grow autos. When they're done depending on the cotlyedons I consider them done being seedlings.
  14. In my opinion yeah, this is impossible to prove, but in my experience giving a plant of this size more light does not improve its growth rate by any measurable amount
  15. Even with photos the plants will be about 5 weeks old, well over a foot tall, and a stem thicker than a pencil. Obviously the cotyledons won't be doing much work at this point, but are still green, if I have kept the nutrient concentration correct
  16. I don't grow with bottled nutes anymore but even when I did I never gave nutes until they fell off. Maybe that's the difference.

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