When Dropping Felony To Misdemeanor, Do You Get Drug Tested In Court?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stonefry, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. i gotta go to court to get my license back, but i'm also tryin to drop a felony to a misdemeanor.
    i've been to court before but not in a year and not while on probation, so idk how they treat ppl on probation.
    it seems unlikely that the judge would surprise me with a drug test outta nowhere, i'm just paranoid and would like some reassurance that they won't do that in court. :huh:

  2. No. At least I've never heard of it and wouldn't expect it. That's the job of the probation department, usually by appointment according to PO's schedule. 
  3. Yeah, piss tests do not happen at courthouses, if that is what you're asking lol. 
  4. cool, thanks guys :smoking:
  5. No but they can send you right down to the place they make you test..I had to take 2 tests before i was sentenced
  6. Of its for drug charges you will most likely be tested but not at the court house

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  7. damn, this is fucking crazy how relevant this is to my situation hahaha. I'm going into court on Monday to try to get my felony dropped to a misdamenor and I was wondering the SAME exact thing. Good to know that I don't need to worry though!
  8. dont go in smelling of weed
    dont go in with red eyes
    dont give them a reason to ua you
  9. Why the fuck do I see threads like this all the time in gc? I can't understand the logic behind getting busted and continuing to smoke! Shit man just stop for a little while. Pot will still be there when you get off probation!

    Sorry OP...not trying to single you out.
  10. ^^ Lol that's what I thought and I'm in the same situation as OP. I just got busted this past weekend so I am having to quit and just be a working fool to raise the money to gtfo of this state someday..

    First court date is this coming Tuesday. Wish me luck!
  11. Probably not. But the courthouse here has the P.O offices inside, so they can piss test you if they wanted to.
  12. I wouldn't risk smoking on probation anyhow.
  13. Just go in to court with a 1/8th and throw it on the judges desk and say "this is for you"  Works everytime.
  14. <sup>like they said, you should be safe</sup>
    <sup>probation usually handles drug testing</sup>
    <sup>are these charges drug related</sup>
    <sup>if they are, i'd probably quit for a while</sup>
    <sup>but if not, you might be just fine</sup>
    <sup>im was put on 2 years probation and i still smoke weed</sup>
    <sup>i smoked weed while my case was pending</sup>
    <sup>i smoked weed through it all, i never stopped</sup>
    <sup>not even when i was on house arrest</sup>
    <sup>they monitored me for alcohol because that just comes with the anklet but i've never been piss tested</sup>
  15. it depends what state you're in.  here in connecticut before they decriminalized weed, they wouldn't drug test you unless you got referred to outpatient for substance abuse...and they only did that if you're black or have a real bad obvious drug problem or some hefty charges.  it costs them a lot to drug test and they prefer not to do it.
  16. On probabtion and smoking? You just don't give a fuck. Don't feel bad. In 200 years is it really going to matter? Fuck the man, live in the woods.

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