When dose flowering start?

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  1. this is my first grow and I was wondering when flowering starts? Right now it's 14:30 of daylight. When should I expect flowering to start?
  2. Pre flower 3rd week in August. NorCal
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  3. Depends on where you live
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  4. About the same in Southern California. Maybe a week earlier, depends on strain.
  5. my outdoor starts around august 1st and finishes by the 1st week of october.
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  6. At around 11 hours of darkness per day

    I did an experiment indoors once to find out. I gradually raised the amount of dark time by 20 minutes per week and some strains started flowering at 10.5 but most of them started after they had 11 hours
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  7. Cool experiment thanks that's the kind of answer I'm looking for.
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  8. I just checked out the old journal where I documented the experiment and I increased the dark period by 15 minutes every 5 days and it looks like flowering started after 10.5 hours with many of the strains. I grew 15 different strains
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    Interesting experiment. I was thinking of doing the exact same thing. I want to try something similar but outdoors to determine if civil daylight or nautical daylight actually counts since we don't go from light to dark with flip of switch
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  10. That's interesting, I don't know how dark it needs to be before the plants consider it dark. It might even be different for different plants. If there is variation in this then my experiment would have been mostly pointless lol.

    The reason I conducted the experiment was to find a strain that started flowering early. Where I live most strains don't get fully ripe because it gets too cold before they complete flowering. I figured if I found a plant which starts early (and still has a short flowering period) it would have an advantage in my part of the world.

    But I was simply switching the light on/off. I never considered that. I'm going to have to do another experiment I think lol
  11. Would I experience similar times in southern Oregon? I am assuming yes
  12. Here in Michigan flowering stars early August. Although some strains will start to bud in late July.

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