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When does weed burn go away?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cold Play, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Currently when i inhale i get a huge burn in my throat and cough it out right away. I have been smoking on and off for a year, i do have shitty lungs but does this go away once you keep smoking?
  2. Ahh, virgin lungs :]

    Probably a few months. And when I started, (and I still hit stuff like this) I take a slow deep breath of the burned substance, and I mostly inhale it into my mouth and the very top of my lungs, then I open my mouth for 1 second and I sharply inhale a gasp of fresh air. And the smoke goes down inside your lungs (all the way in your lungs) instead of constant inhaling from a piece or something, it won't burn as bad
  3. Yes. marijuana ciggarettes used to feel like fire going down my throat. Partly because i was drawing too hard without mixing air in too cool it. Water pipe will solve that problem but yea it does go away atleast for me and so does the coughing.
  4. Smoke is bad for you. I'm not saying don't smoke, I smoke the stuff too, but it can and will irritate your throat/lungs at times.

    You might want to try a vape instead though. I vape as well and it's far easier on your body.
  5. Thanks for the information everyone!

    I'd really like to get a vape but i can't order one to my house :/
  6. So then get a PO Box and order one :confused_2:
  7. Oh, never knew you could do that, thanks!

  8. Me too! I marvel at where I'm at. I smoke like a pro (which I know I NEVER thought I'd be saying).

    The burn goes away, I suggest you drink lots and lots of water. In general. From now on. Because, I know for me, I'm finding out, that I'll get some of those smoker symptoms you here about from cigarette smokers. You know, like, shortness of breath or weird after tastes in your mouth for like, hours and hours after toking.
    Any way... Water heals all.
  9. when you smoke it daily or get real use to blunts/large bongs you become accustom to the burn. still cough occasionally. atleast thats how it worked for me
  10. Yeah same here. But now I take big ass hits and people that have been smoking years longer than me say so. of course im thinking i barely took a hit. If I haven't smoked in awhile I'm cough a bit though.

    And yes, when in pain, water works best.

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